R. J. Aley Building Contractor LLC

Judson Aley founded R.J. Aley Building Contractor LLC in 1996 and specializes in remodeling projects with fine attention to conservation and the environment, craftmanship and architectural detail, and historic preservation/ restoration.

R. J. Aley Building
Contractor, LLC

(Preservation Contractors)
185 Wilton Road
Westport, CT. 06880
R. J. Aley Building Contractor LLC
R. J. Aley Building Contractor LLC

R. J. Aley Building Contractor LLC is a residential construction firm with a passion for historic architecture and fine craftsmanship. Our projects include period correct historic additions, bathrooms, kitchens, whole house renovations and new homes. We understand and appreciate the distinctive details and craftsmanship that make older homes special and we know how to repair and restore their usefulness. Our construction blends seamlessly with the architectural style and period details while enhancing the functionality, energy efficiency and comfort.



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