Granville Manufacturing Company

While house building methods vary widely across the US, one common practice has been that carpenters often use "vertical grain" wood on surfaces such as floors, shingles and siding that need to endure extreme weather conditions. This practice can be seen here in New England on churches, meeting houses, schools, bridges, barns and homes. The builders of these structures learned from experience that the performance of "vertical grain" wood is superior when it comes to withstanding severe exposures.

Route 100
Granville, VT 05747
Granville Manufacturing Company
Granville Manufacturing Company

Thank you for your interest in our quality wood sidings. Granville Manufacturing Company has been in continuous operation, owned and run by family businesses since 1857. We feature spruce and pine quartersawn clapboards as well as other vertical grain building materials. The old New England houses that dot the countryside are the best examples that wood siding can withstand the test of time. We invite you to tour our facility. We are located in the heart of Vermont on scenic Route 100. Come and see for yourself why we are proud to carry on a true Vermont tradition. The Fullers.



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