Use your vintage lamps once more with rayon wires from These cloth-covered wires are designed to mimic the appearance of old silk-wrapped cords used on lamps in the 1930s. What makes these wires even better, however, is that they are safer than the 1930s alternatives. Choose from various colors that will complement your lamp's antique design. We have bronze, brown, white, silver, gold and cream. You also have a choice among twisted, parallel and single-wire cords, as well as a white or brown antique electrical plug. When searching for rayon-covered wire, keep in mind that these products should only be used in low-temperature and low-wattage applications.
(Antique Style Light Bulbs)
2140 Merritt Drive
Garland, TX 75041
800.624.4488 is your source for antique light bulbs, Edison bulbs, vintage bulbs, reproduction bulbs, and all kinds of antique lighting. We have whatever type of antique light bulb your restoration requires. Looking for that vintage "Menlo Park" look? Try our Edison bulbs. Feeling nostalgic about old tube radios? Try our radio tube bulbs. We also have antique chandelier bulbs and unique tubular vintage bulbs. Finally, we carry everything you need for your own DIY antique lighting creation, including vintage brass light sockets, dimming light sockets, polished nickel light sockets, and even cloth-covered antique wire. If you're going for the "steampunk" look, we have brass bulb cages to both compliment and protect your antique bulb. The only limit is your imagination! Have questions about a particular bulb? Rest easy. Our knowledgeable, dedicated team of product specialists have years of lighting experience. From answering questions about lumens, color temperature, or base types, the product specialists are ready to solve your lighting dilemma.



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