Architectural Painting & Renovation

Led by owners Jonathan and Alene Pettus, APR specializes in renovation, historical restoration and decorative finishing for residential, commercial and institutional properties. Whether creating a modern design for urban living or restoring a museum to its former glory, Jonathan and Alene possess the artistic vision and the expert craftsmanship skills to handle any project.

415 Sapphire Drive Sarasota, FL 34234 941.704.1497
Architectural Painting & Renovation
Architectural Painting & Renovation

Architectural Painting & Renovation, Inc., has been crafting timeless and breathtaking spaces in distinguished homes, cultural institutions and discerning businesses in Florida and New England since 1988. APR, Inc., a Florida State certified general contracting company, specializes in working closely with architects, interior designers and owners on renovation, historical restoration and decorative finishes for residential, commercial and institutional properties. Architectural Painting & Renovation loves undertaking the challenge of conserving the integrity of historical spaces for future generations. Restoring the buildings of the past is a true passion of APR, having vested countless hours upon historical establishments with a creative and respectful approach throughout Florida and New England. APR's specialties include the conservation of structural, painted and decorative surfaces for cultural institutions such as museums, theaters, churches and other historical buildings. You can trust APR to offer a sound, economical and reliable approach to your restoration project.



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