Bingham Lumber, Inc.

The story of Antique wood is steeped in history and tradition. Reclaimed timbers that once supported textile mills, barns, distilleries, and rural dwellings are recreated by skilled craftsman. These very same timbers appear in today's home design to witness the celebrations of daily life, adding another chapter to the story. Bingham Lumber, Inc. works with salvage professionals throughout the United States. Our relationship with these companies allows Bingham Lumber, Inc. to reclaim timbers out of buildings that would otherwise be lost. These recycled timbers are brought directly to our Brookline, New Hampshire facility, where they are inspected and catalogued keeping the past history intact.

Bingham Lumber, Inc.
(Wide Plank Floors)
89 Route 13
Brookline, NH 03033
Bingham Lumber, Inc.
Bingham Lumber, Inc.

Bingham Lumber, Inc.'s Bingham Family has taken great pride in creating custom wide plank floors over the last 60+ years, in doing so we have sourced some of the finest timber available today. Working with other family-run businesses allows us to manage the quality of the fiber we use in our manufacturing and also insures the use of responsible timber harvesting. Although our reputation was built on wide pine, our custom wide plank hardwoods and reclaimed are second to none. The Bingham Family first harvested Old Growth Pine in 1946, and we have been creating custom plank floors ever since. We value long lasting relationships with land owners yielding the finest Eastern White Pine Fiber available today. For over 200 years these planks have been critical in the architecture of New England. The face of Bingham Lumber, Inc. has changed over the years, but the heart and soul of the company hasn't. The team is determined that Bingham Lumber, Inc. will continue to evolve as the times dictate, never losing sight of Don Bingham's creed initiated over six decades ago: Quality lumber at a fair price with good honest service.



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