Boston Ornament Company, Inc.

A ceiling medallion, whether used alone or with a lighting fixture, adds a stunning visual impact to any room. Many of the medallions that Boston Ornament has to offer were cast from classic patterns originally placed in Boston’s finest town homes and commercial buildings. Over the years, Boston Ornament has acquired many original pieces and has authentically restored them to the distinguished beauty and detail that the original artisans intended for them to have. Today, customers can either choose from one of Boston Ornament’s elegant designs or have a unique piece custom carved to their specifications.

Boson Ornament
Company, Inc.

(Ornamental Plaster)
175 W. Main Street
Millbury, MA 01527
Boston Ornament Company, Inc.
Boston Ornament Company, Inc.

The Boston Ornament Company offers ornamental plaster medallions, mouldings, and brackets, as well as unique custom plasterwork to architects, designers, decorators, and owners who demand plaster ornament of the highest quality and finest traditional materials. For over two decades, the Boston Ornament Company has been a leading source of historically significant and quality ornamentation, particularly in the Greater Boston market. Our products represent the most notable collection of historic 19th century plaster medallions available anywhere. These medallions have been obtained over time from the finest homes in Boston's Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the South End. Each was created in one of various Boston studios by the skilled artisans of their time. Our brackets, cornices, rosettes and mouldings share the same antique heritage as our medallions. Including any of the objects in this collection to the decoration of your home or historically significant building comes with the pride of knowing they were created by masters of heirloom quality decorative plaster in the Old World tradition.



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