Charles J. Fisher, Historian

So you want to try to declare your own property a Los Angeles Historic Cultural Monument. Charles J. Fisher, Historian, believes in preservation. He's not in it for the money. Here is a quick description of how to do it yourself. But it's risky. If you don't do it right the first time, your second try is much, much harder. Charlie has been able to make successful second tries when an owner has been declined the first time, but it's always tricky. Why chance it? You might be surprised at how much bang you'll get for your buck with this Historian 4 Hire. Call 323.256.3593 for a free telephone consultation.

Charles J. Fisher,

(Preservation Consultant)
Los Angeles, CA
Charles J. Fisher, Historian
Charles J. Fisher, Historian

Does your older house qualify as an Historic-Cultural Monument? It may! Charles J. FIsher, Historian has discovered many a diamond in the rough. You may be surprised to discover that you own a truly historic property. Is a precious landmark near you threatened with demolition or development? You or your community organization may be able to protect it, even if you don't own the property. History belongs to all of the citizens of Los Angeles, and anyone can nominate a property as an Historic-Cultural Monument. Even if the property does not receive Historic-Cultural Landmark status, it will be protected for a few precious months while preservation strategies can be prepared. Charlie assists the discriminating vintage home owner with matters relating to Historic-Cultural Monument Application, Mills Act Application, creating your own Historic Preservation Overlay Zone, chain of title research, historic building permits, and all other historic preservation efforts. For more information about Charlie, read his curriculum vitae. Charlie has written and/or researched and advocated numerous successful nominations. Find his full list here.



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