Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts

"Dobies" are one of Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts' most popular styles of antique brick, These bricks are 3" thick, 4" deep and just over 8" long. The combination of the large size, rounded edges and mix of colors will give your home or office building charm and character. 320 bricks per pallet, minimum order of 1 pallet, over 50,000 available.

Cross Creek
Architectural Artificts

(Architectural Artifacts)
1228 East Guinevere Springfield, MO 65804 417.890.7966
Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts
Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts

Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts is an industry leader in architectural salvage, reclaimed building materials & reclaimed antique items. We provide our customers with the finest antique beams, timber, bricks and antique artifacts that add built-in charm and character to any project. Cross Creek is proud to play a leading role in the green building movement. By investing our time and resources in salvaging and reclaiming, we are keeping viable building materials out of the landfills and re-using them in new construction projects. Along with the outstanding look of reclaimed materials, they qualify for LEED certification points. Our custom milling service focuses on producing beautiful wide plank wood flooring sawn from 100+ year old timbers. Take a look at our products and inventory. If you don't see what you're looking for drop us a line and we can find it! We look forward to earning your business.



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