Driwood Moulding Company

Nothing can set the mood of a room like the warmth of a fireplace. Add to that a custom period mantel designed by Driwood and it will capture everyone’s full attention – and set any mood you desire, from romantic and fanciful to intensely inspiring.

Driwood Moulding Co.
(Architectural Millwork)
623 W. Lucas Street
Florence, SC 29501
Driwood Moulding Company
Driwood Moulding Company

Driwood is a family of makers. We create mouldings, millwork, mantelpieces, paneling and architectural embellishments. We are craftsmen and keepers of a time-honored tradition. It is our mission to bring beauty, history, and artistry into every space we touch. Honed over decades, our precision process ensures that every detail is architecturally correct in proportion, scale, and design. So every moulding, every piece of millwork, and every inch of paneling replicates the intricately hand-carved work of history’s greatest woodcrafters. Together with architects, designers, builders, preservationists, and homeowners, we recreate architectural details that evoke a place in time and emotion. We create custom designs that reflect individual, one-of-a-kind style. Our singular attention to detail is inspired by more than a passion for the process, by more than decades of diligent design – it’s inspired by those who love history, beauty, and artistry as much as we do – and we always invite them in. We’ve been honing our craft for nearly a century – fine-tuning our manufacturing processes to ensure we’re replicating the intricately hand-carved work of woodcrafters whose work we honor. That means you can trust that our period mouldings are made from the highest quality embossed hardwoods – and architecturally correct in proportion, scale, and design. Everything is made, by design, to last a lifetime. Our legacy is our heritage.



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