E.T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc.

At E.T. Moore we strive for perfection. Our founder, E. Taylor Moore, Jr., personally selects the heart pine beams to be processed at our facilities, thus guaranteeing you a brilliant, rich patina every time. We salvage our own timbers, warehouse over five million board feet, and have considerable manufacturing capabilities in-house, so your order can be shipped in two weeks or less. This process time is virtually unheard-of in the vintage timber industry. Of course, we're capable handling custom orders as well. With E.T. Moore Heart Pine, you can be sure the beauty of the wood comes through not only in its quality, but also in its history. From Colonial times to the Industrial Revolution to the present, heart pine can bring a rich piece of America's past into our lives today.

E.T. Moore
Manufacturing, Inc.

(Heart of Pine Specialist)
3100 N Hopkins Rd. #101
Richmond, VA 23224
E.T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc.
E.T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc.

Why choose E.T. Moore? Our customers, some we have supplied with beautiful Heart Pine Flooring and reclaimed antique wood for decades, know that we care about two things: the wood, and our client. A family owned and operated business, we are the largest and oldest supplier of heart pine and reclaimed fine woods in the United States, because of our attention to detail and attention to the customer. Whether your project is residential or commercial, please contact us at any time if you have any questions about our reclaimed lumber, heart of pine, or rare wood supplies, its uses, or if you would like a personal tour of our showroom.



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