Renaissance Lime Putty

Forentine Renaissance Masonry also supplies superior quality lime putty under the name Renaissance Lime Putty. Produced EXCLUSIVELY for masonry restoration, green building and the decorative industry. Renaissance Lime Putty is produced in Italy from 5 to 8 in. lumps of high purity calcitic limestone. They are fired at low temperatures in indirect flame, natural draft, continious production vertical kilns fueled by wood waste from an adjoining lumber mill. Then they are immediately slaked and kept in open air pits to age, fully respecting the traditional "Roman" production methods.

416 Lafayette Street
Salem, MA 01970
Florentine Renaissance Masonry
Florentine Renaissance Masonry

Since 1990 Fabio Bardini, of Florentine Renaissance Masonry, has been offering consulting, design and masonry contractor services for clients in the Boston area, Massachusetts and New England. Born and raised in Florence Italy, Fabio attended the Istituto d'Arte di Firenze and Palazzo Spinelli Design School where he studied geometry, drawing, painting, art forms and architectural history from the Egyptian, Greek and Roman era to the Renaissance period. Fabio's in depth knowledge and meticulous selection of material, paired with sound, time-proven Old World construction methods, results in masonry work built for quality and durability far outperforming current industry standards. Says Fabio, "What intrigues me about stonework is the simplicity of the tools; a hammer and chisel, a trowel; ancient tools virtually unchanged through the ages. It is the individual vision and skills which defines the beauty, quality and ultimate outcome of a project".



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