Hayles & Howe, Inc.

As a highly experienced and creative International company, Hayles and Howe can offer exquisite attention to detail and finishes for any scagliola project including restoration or conservation.Scagliola is a marble-like material made from plaster, pigments and glue, polished by hand to a brilliant shine. The company founder, David Hayles, is widely considered to be the leading expert in both traditional and marezzo scagliola and has taught at both the European School for Craft Conservation in Venice and the Edward James Foundation in Sussex.

Hayles & Howe, Inc.
(Ornamental Plasterwork)
2700 Sisson Street
Baltimore, MD 21211
Hayles & Howe, Inc.
Hayles & Howe, Inc.

Hayles & Howe, Inc. are renowned for the care and attention to detail given to every part of every project, large or small. As a highly experienced Ornamental Plastering company, Hayles and Howe can offer exquisite attention to all the finest details of any decorative plasterwork. Hayles & Howe’s service covers all areas, from design and specification to production and installation. The company has a proud tradition in providing a high quality service to any home, public or private, large or small. Hayles & Howe staff have over 200 years combined experience working with fibrous plaster and scagliola. We are proud to also be recognized for the training and support we provide to our team, having been awarded the Investors in People Silver standard for demonstrating our commitment to realizing the potential in people.



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