Horton Brasses, Inc.

Orion Henderson / Horton Brasses Presdient: "My great-grandmother, Angeline Horton, was an antique dealer with a need for fine hardware. So my great-grandfather Frank Horton, using his skills as a tool and die maker, began making reproduction hardware in 1936 in his basement. He established his reputation by making hardware for many of the finest antique dealers in the east. Jim Horton and his wife Barbara took over the business from Frank. They in turn sold it to their daughter Barbara and her husband Toby Rockwell (now retired). Those generations held to Frank's high standards, added foundry expertise, and expanded our product line. I hold the reins now and hope that maybe one of my children will want to join the business. I'm proud of our heritage, and continue Horton Brasses, Inc. commitment to producing the finest cabinet and furniture hardware, and the finest customer service".

Horton Brasses, Inc.
(Reproduction Hardware)
49 Nooks Hill Road
Cromwell, CT 06416
Horton Brasses, Inc.
Horton Brasses, Inc.

Horton Brasses, Inc. produces more than 1,000 different pieces of authentic reproduction cabinet and furniture hardware. We have been making brass hardware for 70 years and use brass, iron, and various hardwoods to make knobs, drawer pulls, hinges, shelf pegs, bed bolts, casters, hooks, and even clock finials! We use actual antique hardware for our dies and patterns, and still employ many of the same painstaking methods used by early American craftsman. Since our beginning, no compromise is allowed to affect the authenticity or quality of our hardware.Our hardware is always in stock, there is no minimum order size and we have substantial quantity discounts.



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