James & Company

James & Company offers oak fenceboard reclaimed from Kentucky. The reclaimed fenceboard has a 4 3/4" face. We can send samples too!

James & Company
(Antique Flooring/Timbers)
482 County Road 209 Collinsville, AL 35961 256.997.0703
James & Company
James & Company

At James & Company, we don't have to GO green, we've always been green! We take great pride in the recycling and reuse of these virgin cut woods from our great-grandfathers' time. Some of the wood we sell dates back to the mid 1700's and was 400+ years old when it was felled. There is no comparison between these woods and the new cut fast-growth woods of today. Unmatched beauty and patina are only a couple of the attributes that go with reclaimed antique wood. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality recycled woods available. Specialists in antique wood, reclaimed wood, wood flooring, Heart Pine and Douglas Fir. From ceilings with reclaimed rough sawn timbers, to antique hand hewn timbers, to walls with some cypress or antique oak paneling, to floors with antique heart pine flooring or wormy chestnut, we've got you covered - and will leave you proud of your decision and your visitors envious of the unique beauty! In honor of our Earth and her gifts, and in respect for our future generations, we hope you try reclaimed woods for your projects.



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