Kirk Huffaker Preservation Strategies' principal Kirk Huffaker believes preserving historic places preserves the soul of communities. He has led or made significant contributions to many "saves" and rehabilitation projects and holds board directorships at The National Preservation Partners Network and the Sema Hadithi African American Heritage and Culture Foundation.

Kirk Huffaker
Preservation Strategies

(Preservation Consultant)
159 W Broadway #200
Salt Lake City, UT 84101
Kirk Huffaker Preservation Strategies
Kirk Huffaker Preservation Strategies

Kirk Huffaker Preservation Strategies is a Salt Lake City, Utah, based historic preservation consultancy. Owner and principal Kirk Huffaker specializes in historic preservation and community revitalization through survey, documentation, designation, rehabilitation, and preservation planning. His work as an architectural historian, preservation planner, and organizational leader is focused on historic and new narratives based on place with a nexus at the intersection of architecture, culture, and meaning. He enjoys working with boards, staff, and communities to bring ideas and goals into focus as well as to meet the challenges of owning, operating, and rehabilitating older and historic structures, and provides feasible preservation options and products that enhance and shape historic places for the future. Kirk has over twenty-five years of diversified experience as an architectural historian and preservation planner applying the standards and requirements set forth in the Code of Federal Regulations Procedures for State, Tribal and Local Government Preservation Programs (36 CFR 61) and the Professional Qualifications Standards in the Secretary of Interior’s Standards and Guidelines for Archaeology and Historic Preservation for Architectural History, History, and Historic Architecture (62 FR 33719).



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