Lyons Historic Window

Are you bidding a renovation project with windows and doors in an historic building and wondering who you can get to cover this specialty? You have come to the right place! Lyons Historic Window has been a vital player in numerous rehabilitation projects thanks to our ability to balance historic preservation standards and requirements with the practical limitations of budget and schedule. We have the expertise to promptly review plans and specifications, furnish a clear scope of work, and provide a competitive bid and schedule clearly integrated with the overall project. If you are interested in getting a bid, please contact our resident architect, Nancy R. Lyons. You can also send us details regarding your project using our contact form, or if you prefer just send us a link to your plans and specifications.

Lyons Historic Window
(Window Restoration)
5360 Washington St. # C
Denver, CO 80216
Lyons Historic Window
Lyons Historic Window

We at Lyons Historic Window are proud to partake in the renaissance of traditional craftsmanship. Our team of master carpenters and wood restoration specialists has been providing window solutions for historic buildings all over the Rocky Mountain region. Our expertise encompasses restoring vintage wood windows as well as crafting new custom windows using traditional designs. We accept projects large and small, residential or commercial. We specialize in windows, but also offer a comprehensive approach to whole-building performance and appearance. Turn-of-the-century wood windows are often the best money can buy and we provide a wide range of modern solutions to help preserve your vintage windows as well. Our success is marked by our attention to detail and our ability to provide a turn-key service that includes planning, installation, and maintenance.



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