Mon-Ray, Inc.

Mon-Ray, Inc.has furnished windows of about every shape one can imagine. If an existing historic window is beyond repair, DeVAC replacement windows can be made to match the original shape and size of the window opening. When replacement is not an option or necessity, Mon-Ray storm windows can be installed as either exterior or interior secondary glazing.

Mon-Ray, Inc.
(Historic Windows / Doors)
7900 Excelsior Blvd #140
Minneapolis, MN 55343
Mon-Ray, Inc.
Mon-Ray, Inc.

Mon-Ray, Inc. manufactures DeVAC® aluminum replacement and new construction windows, Mon-Ray® storm windows and doors, and Glasswalls® Porch Enclosures for both the residential and commercial markets. For over 70 years, Mon-Ray has led the industry in innovations and unmatched specifications for air, water, structural and acoustical performance with products designed to preserve the architectural character of historic buildings and homes. Using our experience, skill, and special production equipment, we can match special radius shapes, miter angles and muntin patterns to retain the original appearance of existing window or door openings. The preservation and restoration of historic buildings is vital to our national heritage. Since 1947, DeVAC® and Mon-Ray® products have been installed in historic buildings throughout the United States and around the world. We work closely with architects, engineers, consultants, and tradespeople who specialize in historic restoration and renovation projects.



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