Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC

Restoration Technologes of New Jersey, LLC, offers a rotating stock of antique buildings and miscellaneous building materials (e.g. flooring, mantels, siding, etc.). Contact us with your needs. If we do not have it we will reach out to our many associates in the field and try to locate it for you.

PO Box 217
Belvidere, NJ 07823
Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC
Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC

Restoration Technologies of NJ, LLC has been building timber frame homes for over twenty-five years. We supply historic timber frame structures which have been meticulously dismantled for re-use as homes and other purposes. We're not just a construction company with restoration as a service, rather, our knowledge sharing all-inclusive approach to preservation is helping to create awareness by participating in (as well as forming new) organizations to further the preservation movement. Since our beginnings in the preservation field, we have completed numerous restoration / preservation projects for individuals, corporations, non-profits, and governmental agencies. With this depth of experience comes the knowledge and ability to safely and successfully complete your project to the highest standards. Restoration Technologies also offers a rotating stock of Antique Buildings. For reclaimed materials, visit If you don't see what you're looking for there or on our main website, call or text us at 908.812.1003 or email for information or an appointment.



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Contact: Adam Wengryn (Owner)

Telephone: 908.812.1003




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