Therm-o-lite Inc.

Therm-o-lite Inc. uses the latest window design software WINDOWS 6.3 developed in concert between the Department of Energy and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories. This enables us to configure your existing glass with our system to produce the desired R Value, U Value, Solar Heat Gain and Visible Light transmittance. Once this is complete, we can provide an entire building simulation using the latest energy management software in order to demonstrate the monthly energy savings and the correct mechanical upgrade capacity selection due to load reduction.

Therm-o-lite Inc.
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Therm-o-lite Inc.
Therm-o-lite Inc.

Historic buildings often evoke a strong sense of nostalgia within a community or organization, but the old windows in these buildings can be a major source of energy loss that keeps utility bills high. Replacement windows, however, are not always an option due to factors such as window cost, architectural integrity issues and the potential loss of possible historic tax credits. Installing the Thermolite Window System by Therm-o-lite Inc. is easy, allows the existing historical windows to remain and will maintain the beauty and character of your historic building. Since 1979, Thermolite has been a leading innovator in supplemental interior window systems. We are a GSA-certified contractor and work with governmental agencies, the U.S. military, commercial renovators, hospitality facilities and historic preservation projects. Our patented Thermolite Window System is a one-of-a-kind alternative to traditional replacement windows. This 100% customized window system is designed to provide superior protection against bomb blast, audio espionage and hurricanes while reducing noise, sealing the building envelope and preserving historic architectural integrity.



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