The Windowmaker Company

TRU-CLAD windows from The Windowmaker Company are historically replicated windows that will NOT ROT. Exterior Vinyl-Clad, paintable with interior wood species options. True-Authentic Divided Lite, Window Sash or Door Sticking Options, Mortise & Tenon Sash Rails & Stiles, Indigenous wood species, Cypress is standard. Stagger laminated, NO bent plywood, custom sizes, priming, Custom Hands- On craftsmanship, NWMA Warranty on Joinery, "Check Rail" sash available. Main image above is of 100+ year old Italian Club in Tampa with entire building using TRU-CLAD window.

The Windowmaker

(Custom Historic Windows)
2623 Robertson Trail
Lutz, FL 33559
The Windowmaker Company
The Windowmaker Company

The Windowmaker Company has been manufacturing custom wood windows for historical restoration projects for 30+ years. We pride ourselves for having approval from the toughest historical boards. If you are looking for a source for custom wood windows for your home, or if you are a member of the historical restoration community seeking replicated sashes for your custom wood windows, look no further! The Windowmaker Company provides a full range of double hung, casement, transoms, sidelights and one of a kind windows in all sizes and design variations which are all engineered to your specifications. Our windows are all over the country, from the Custom House in Key West, lighthouses, Union Chapel in Martha’s Vineyard, universities, yacht clubs, etc. Interested in windows that will last a life time and are historically approved? TRU-CLAD has been used on large projects such as the 100+ year old Italian Club in Tampa. We’d love to discuss this option with you.



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