Woodford Bros., Inc.

Here at Woodford Brothers we specialize in the repair of older buildings, we have been involved in over 30,000 different projects over the last 39 years and we are confident that we can repair your building too. We are a local, family owned construction company that has been in business for 36 years. Though our home office is based in Central New York, we regularly take on projects in 16 Northeastern states. We have an excellent reputation for fairness and quality of work. We take great pride in providing a cost effective solution when others might just say 'tear it down'. We are known for regularly repairing buildings that other contractors said were beyond all hope.

Woodford Bros., Inc.
(Barn Restoration)
PO Box 108
Apulia Station, NY
Woodford Bros., Inc.
Woodford Bros., Inc.

We at Woodford Bros., Inc. are your experts in structural repairs of barns, homes, garages and commercial spaces. We specialize in foundation straightening, hydraulic lifting systems, foundation replacement, tension rod systems, foundation lifting, structural moving, structural cabling, floor and roof leveling, beam repairs and replacement, as well as pneumatic lifting systems. We have 39 years of experience in the building repair and construction industry and have been involved in over 30,000 projects. We offer free estimates in our area, and are confident we can solve your building's problems. Basically … if it was built right to begin with, Woodford Bros., Inc. can make it right again. Located in Central New York State, our territory extends from Minnesota to Maine and down into the Virginias. If you live within this area, Woodford Bros. offers no obligation, Free Estimates. If you live outside our normal territory, then select our Ball Park Estimate Kit for instructions and a list of the materials you will need to accomplish this task.



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