Wood Research and Development

Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve with Wood Research and Development's in-depth and cost-effective structural inspections. Make sure your projects are secure and up to code without breaking the bank! Timber structures have a very long lifespan. If you look at some timber bridges, you’ll see that some are one hundred years old and still in service. The lifespan of a timber bridge is based on how you build it. Something as small as putting a nail in the wrong place, can greatly lower a timber bridge’s lifespan. Our methods and techniques that we have developed can expand the life of a timber bridge by another one hundred years.

Wood Research
& Development

(Timber Structures)
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Wood Research and Development
Wood Research and Development

At Wood Research and Development, we have almost 50 years of experience in any type of timber structure. We are experts for any wooden structure inspection, and pinpoint where the weak points potentially may lie. Our team members are world renown for timber structural engineering and design, and with our certified lab testing, rest assured we can assess any wood, any time, any place. Our unique testing methods are the foundation of our company. We have over 42 patents in timber. Our tests, done by our engineers, are safe and do not damage the wood or structure in any way. Our inspections have shown that irreparable structures could be fixed. This has saved companies millions of dollars. When we show that an existing structure can be repaired, it means that usage can resume faster because it is typically faster to fix a structure than to build another.




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