Atelier Chroma

At Atelier Chroma, our philosophy is that our work must not only be beautiful but it must be done to last. We are rigorous in maintaining a hard work ethic and the very highest in quality standards. We like to think that we are making the world a more beautiful place and this is what motivates us. We love collaborating with our clients and making their designs a reality!

Atelier Chroma
(Heritage Restoration)
25 Senate Place
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Atelier Chroma
Atelier Chroma

Atelier Chroma is a team of professional craftsmen, artists and painters who are able to deliver high-end results to a wide range of projects. We bring a higher level of craftsmanship and skills to the commercial and residential sectors. Atelier Chroma's artisans are skilled in antique woodwork restoration and repair. An artist's hand works best for restoring sensitive heritage architecture and decorative elements. Our capabilities include heritage restoration, antique windows and doors, architectural elements; cornice, panel moulding, signage and decorative elements in wood or plaster. We are a licensed contractor and our workers are professionally insured. Our certifications assure you the validity of our guarantees, the high quality of our work and that your project will be done in a professional manner. Our vision combines artistic and creative work with high quality and lasting results. We are always looking for new materials and developing new methods to push the limits of our profession.



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Contact: Derek Stefanuk / President

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