HISTORIC PRESERVATION PRODUCT & SERVICE GUIDE is an invitation-only, human-curated, online-only product and service guide and comprised of and developed for buyers, sellers, and specifiers of high quality Historic Preservation, Restoration and Traditional Building related products and services.

MISSION & PURPOSE's mission and purpose is to quickly and efficiently connect select, high quality historic preservation and restoration related product and service providers with those most likely to do business with them, and to facilitate the growth and sustenance of those connections once established.

Listing Requests Welcome!

We believe Listings represents a one-of-a-kind, vibrant, value adding, even pivotal marketing, communications, public relations and business development choice for high quality Historic Preservation and Restoration related businesses.

We further believe that as each new Listing strengthens the evolving "Market Map", the potential for fresh, and often spontaneous, Historic Preservation and Restoration related business opportunities is enhanced.

If you agree, and would like your business to be presented among the select Listings that constitute this evolving "Market Map', we welcome, and will carefully consider, your request.



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