The Baut Studios, Inc.

When Gene Baut figured out why the doors he was installing his artistic panels into were failing, he suggested a fix to the manufacturer. When he was politely told where to go, he went to the drawing board instead. Why install your artistry in a lesser quality door? He decided to invest in designing his own dies for the extrusions, which was a big undertaking. He incorporated features that he thought were beneficial and would provide longevity to the product. All this culminated in Baut taking the plunge and manufacturing their own doors. The Baut Studio, Inc. offers complete packages with all structural and decorative aspects handled by their in-house artists and engineers. Innovative product know-how, modern plant facilities, in-house design staff and computerized drafting, design and manufacturing helps The Baut Studios, Inc. build the most intricate doors with ease.

The Baut Studios, Inc.
(Traditional Stained Glass)
1095 Main Street
Swoyersville, PA 18704
The Baut Studios, Inc.
The Baut Studios, Inc.

At The Baut Studios, Inc. we pride ourselves in our service to the religious market since 1927. We evolved over our 80 year history to produce a wide variety of products and services, many at the request of our clients. All the products and services The Baut Studios, Inc. provides center around the ideals of the Baut family and their dedicated craftsmen, this ensures the finest quality work possible. Every project is important to us and given the attention to detail it deserves. The customer has final approval on all designs before manufacture and is welcome to visit our facilities to view their work in progress, and of course, to stay for lunch! Our services include custom design, removal and relocation as well as restoration and protection. Replacement windows and doors, however, are the mainstay of our business. Retrofit work is second nature to us. Because everything we do is custom, there is no extra pricing for custom sizes.



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