Beaux-Arts Classic Products

Beaux-Arts Classic Products Decorative Recessed Light Trims replace the plastic ring that sits on the ceiling. We offer sizes to fit all major brands of recessed lighting canisters. All of our products are cast from urethane resin, are hand-painted and available in over 20 custom finishes.

Classic Products

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Beaux-Arts Classic Products
Beaux-Arts Classic Products

Beaux-Arts Classic Products Classic Products Arts and Crafts Decorative grilles were originally made in New York State in approximately 1870-1914. They are the most outstanding return air grilles ever made in the USA. Andrew Carnegie placed them in most of the Carnegie Libraries from 1883 to 1929. We have been manufacturing these historical reproduction supply vents in the USA since 1990, using the highest quality urethane resin which is strong, dimensionally stable and heat resistant and captures the exact details of the originals. They can be used for historic preservation since they meet U.S. Government’s General Services Administration Code #1501003S Standards for Historic Preservation Guidelines. They are intended for forced air heating and air conditioning systems as either return air grilles or supply vents. Use them to replace noisy HVAC louvered vents since they won’t make noise. Resin does not vibrate. They are made from an exterior grade resin appropriate for exterior applications such as foundation crawl space grilles and can be used in wet or damp locations such as fan covers in bathrooms or near indoor swimming pools. They will not rust, rot or corrode. They are maintenance free. You should not need to repaint, remove rust, corrosion or mold for the life of the grilles. Other uses are as speaker grilles in home theaters and historic theaters, or in-wall and in-ceiling speaker covers and can be installed in radiator cabinets as radiator grilles.



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