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Building Arts & Conservation specializes in the conservation of historic architectural materials, and we have been carrying out architectural conservation projects for over twenty years. Our work involves archival research, material analsis, and the thoughtful treatment of significant historic materials. These treatments are based on the guidelines for practice established by the American Institute for Conservation, as well as the United States Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Restoration and Rehabilitation of Historic Properties. Our goal is to preserve the context of historic elements so they can function in working historic buildings. We work closely with clients to establish an appropriate balance between patina, longevity and functionality.

& Conservation

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Building Arts & Conservation
Building Arts & Conservation

Building Arts & Conservation specializes in cleaning, analyzing and stabilizing historic materials. Working from archival sources, material evidence, and a working knowledge of past skilled trades, our company assists clients in interpreting historic building materials. BA&C carries out the investigation, analysis and interpretation of buildings, as well as their hands-on restoration and conservation. Many of BAC’s projects include the exposure, stabilization and repair of damaged, lost or over-painted decoration. Our company has over twenty years of experience in the field of architectural conservation, and our skilled craftsmen meticulously conserve and reinstate historic plaster, wood, paint, gold leaf, glazes, stencils, and metal finishes. Following the tenets of the American Institute for Conservation, our goal is to preserve the patina and significance embedded in our architectural traditions.



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