Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.

Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. has one of the largest inventories of glass in the country. The vast collection contains antique, rolled, imported, and original Tiffany Studio's glass, as well as hand-made stained glass jewels. This inventory was greatly enhanced by the acquisition of glass from several historic stained glass studios. Studio archives contain comprehensive files on past projects, integrating the latest computer technology with the tradition of age-old craftsmanship.

Conrad Schmitt Studios
(Art & Stained Glass)
2405 S. 162nd Street
New Berlin, WI 53151
Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.
Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.

For over a century, Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc., Inc. has advanced a tradition of excellence in artistry and craftsmanship. Concern for the artistic value of a project is paramount. Studio artisans do more than paint walls or assemble windows - they create enduring works of art. Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. has worked hand-in-hand with owners, architects, interior design firms and consultants to create and restore some of the most ornate interiors and works of art in the U.S. The Studio was founded in Milwaukee in 1889 by Conrad Schmitt, the son of Bavarian immigrants. The firm remained in the Schmitt family until 1953, at which time it was purchased by long-time employee, Bernard O. Gruenke. Today, the third generation of the Gruenke family is involved in the company, a reflection of the dedication and longevity which typifies Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. Although Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc. is the largest firm of its kind in the country, the Studio succeeds in maintaining a one-on-one relationship with clients. Whether working with a small committee or a multi-national contractor, Conrad Schmitt Studios, Inc.'s focus remains client satisfaction and artistic integrity.



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