Michael Gioulis

The Historic American Building Survey, "HABS", was established by the National Park Service in 1933 with the purpose of compiling a record of America's historically and architecturally significant buildings through photographic, written, and graphic documentation. The Historic American Engineering Record, "HAER", was also established by the National Park Service in 1969 to document historic engineering and industrial sites. HABS and HAER documentation is important to America's architectural resources. Michael Gioulis offers both types of documentation.

Michael Gioulis
(Preservation Consultant)
614 Main Street
Sutton, WV 26601
Michael Gioulis
Michael Gioulis

Michael Gioulis has been active in Historic Preservation in West Virginia since 1979. He served as Assistant Director of the Historic Preservation Unit of the West Virginia Department of Culture and History. While there he was involved in a number of programs, including: Survey and Planning grants; historic resource surveys; review of construction grant projects; and tax certification applications. He is familiar with all aspects of interpreting standards for rehabilitation of existing and historic buildings. In private practice, (established 1984) he has been involved in rehabilitation projects and design assistance programs for downtown structures. This includes services to the West Virginia Main Street Office, resulting in over 800 individual design projects, as well as workshops, resource team visits and technical assistance responses. Resource teams involve intensive site visits in a charrette environment reviewing community resources and developing strategies for revitalization. He has participated in over 30 teams. In addition, Michael has written a Maintenance Manual for downtown property owners. He has completed a number of successful tax certification applications and has participated in individual rehabilitation and restoration projects including the restoration of 20 building facades in downtown Matewan, WV.



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