Schneider Historic Preservation, LLC

SHP has consulted on more than 200 projects involving federal tax incentives for historic preservation including the use of rehabilitation tax credits and the donation of conservation easements. His services include design consultation, negotiations with state and federal review agencies and easement holding organizations, preparation of Historic Preservation Certification Applications and
project appeals.

Schneider Historic
Preservation, LLC

(Preservation Consultant)
411 E. 6th Street
Anniston, AL 36207
Schneider Historic Preservation, LLC
Schneider Historic Preservation, LLC

Schneider Historic Preservation, LLC provides a full range of historic preservation consulting services, specializing in the certification of projects for historic rehabilitation tax credits, National Register nominations and historic resource documentation, community preservation planning, and design review in historic districts. Mr. Schneider's professional historic preservation career spans 37 years, during which time he has successfully completed a diverse range of projects for both private and public sector clients in fifteen states and one other country. Historic preservation projects often involve the varied interests of clients, regulatory agencies, advocacy groups, and the public. Having worked extensively in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors, Mr. Schneider is an effective advocate for his clients’ interests and is skilled at finding creative and practical solutions for complicated projects. In 2013, Mr. Schneider was engaged by the Alabama Historical Commission to assist with the preparation of regulations and procedures for the Alabama Rehabilitation Tax Credit Program. Since that time, he has represented projects involving more than $550,000,000 in proposed rehabilitation work and more than 5,000,000 square feet of building space for clients seeking to utilize state and federal historic rehabilitation tax credits in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Tennessee.



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