VoidSpan Pozzolanic Hydraulic Lime Grouts and Binders contain a blended hydraulic binder and sand, with less than 2% chemical admixtures by weight. Our formulations contain lime, pozzolan and, in our PHLc products, a very small amount of cement. By combining the forgiving properties of lime with the more rapid, airless cure of a hydraulic binder, we have created more breathable, "softer" materials that are compatible with historic masonry structures, while meeting the logistical demands of today.

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VoidSpan Technologies, LLC was created in 2011 by a team of engineers, scientists, preservation practitioners to offer unique, dependable and practical solutions to the frontier of conservation and preservation challenges. VoidSpan Pozzolan-Lime products provide high breathability and tenacious bond with low to moderate compressive strength, and our restoration grouts have the lowest water demand and the lowest shrinkage in the industry. When extended with our unique, vacuum saturated expanded shale aggregate, our gravity feed grout creates an ultra-low shrinkage, self-consolidating pozzolan-lime concrete. John Wathne, VoidSpan’s founder, has been a structural engineer in the field of historic preservation for over 30 years, and has a longstanding appreciation of the need for a line of products like VoidSpan offers, having invented many of our components himself. We are excited to share our technologies with fellow practitioners and design professionals.



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