Wolfe House & Building Movers

Lifting and moving structures is becoming increasingly popular for development and restoration projects, and Wolfe House & Building Movers' service area includes the entire United States. If you are looking for an experienced mover to handle a large commercial building move, an historic structure move, or a brick, stone, or other masonry structure move anywhere in the country, contact Wolfe House & Building Movers today.

Wolfe House &
Building Movers

(Structural Movers)
10 Birch Lane
Bernville, PA 19506
Wolfe House & Building Movers
Wolfe House & Building Movers

Moving historic buildings through narrow streets certainly isn’t an easy task. Wolfe House & Building Movers has earned a reputation for completing such building moving and lifting projects in a safe, efficient and damage-free manner. Each job we undertake is unique in its own way and requires our complete attention to every detail, whether moving a three-story barn, a 300-ton sycamore tree, or a triple-brick mansion built in 1858. Wolfe House & Building Movers' years of experience and use of modern building moving technologies have served our customers very well. Our house moving and house raising service area covers the East Coast (Maine to Georgia, including New Jersey) and stretches across the United States to the Midwest (from Maryland to Missouri). When it comes to large historic projects, we serve the entire continental United States. Wolfe House & Building Movers welcomes the opportunity to complete any structural moving project, no matter how large or small.



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