Niland Company

At Niland Company, the custom design and recreation of historical designs lost to history has become one of our unique specialties. Our "in-house" pattern and machine shop has created scaled tooling from as little as an early photograph showing historic main streets. All Niland Company outdoor streetlights and steel site furnishings are made with cast aluminum and steel and manufactured and finished in the USA.

Cooper Historical Windows

Cooper Historical Windows accurately replicates wood windows by documenting the original window features, details, and profiles. From this a shop drawing is created. Using our own Liberty Restoration Glass produced in-house, we offer single pane or insulated glass panels for much greater energy efficiency, without sacrificing the period look ot the old glass wavy glass seen from the exterior. We can reproduce the characteristics of any 19th or 20th century glass. Additionally, we restore and re-use original hardware whenever possible.

John Canning & Co.

John Canning & Co. has built a reputation for innovation in solving difficult design and restoration problems. As Preservation Problem Solvers, we combine our knowledge of traditional methods and materials of the past and evaluate emerging technologies of the future that, when combined, can reduce risk when mitigating complex historic interiors and artwork restoration. We’ve developed unique approaches for exterior stone repair and restoration, plaster reattachment and stabilization, and are known for project management, scheduling, and engineering complex scaffold systems that protect the public and provide access for all trades when buildings must remain operational during restoration.

Deep Landing Workshop

Over the last 30 years, Deep Landing Workshop has created custom lighting fixtures for projects across the United States, and has installed work in schools, inns, churches and public buildings. With a current team of owner John Ramsey and assistants Brad Schultz and Aaron Coner, we continue to maintain the spirit of small crafts and a commitment to making each piece a little bit better than the one before it.

Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC

Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC, offers a rotating stock of antique buildings and miscellaneous building materials (e.g. flooring, mantels, siding, etc.). Contact us with your needs. If we do not have it we will reach out to our many associates in the field and try to locate it for you.

Bingham Lumber, Inc.

The story of Antique wood is steeped in history and tradition. Reclaimed timbers that once supported textile mills, barns, distilleries, and rural dwellings are recreated by skilled craftsman. These very same timbers appear in today's home design to witness the celebrations of daily life, adding another chapter to the story. Bingham Lumber, Inc. works with salvage professionals throughout the United States. Our relationship with these companies allows Bingham Lumber, Inc. to reclaim timbers out of buildings that would otherwise be lost. These recycled timbers are brought directly to our Brookline, New Hampshire facility, where they are inspected and catalogued keeping the past history intact.

ANP Lighting, Inc.
(Traditional Lighting)
9044 Del Mar Avenue
Montclair, CA 91763
ANP Lighting, Inc.

Since 1985, ANP Lighting has been skillfully integrating design aesthetics, engineering excellence, and advancing technology to manufacture an extensive line of decorative architectural lighting and warehouse-inspired RLM fixtures. With our privately owned foundry and spinning facilities and in-house engineering department, we can quickly and cost-effectively modify any product to deliver an affordable custom modification solution. We empower architects, engineers, and specifiers to meet the growing demand for energy conservation, sustainability, and environmental design inspiration. We design and manufacture the largest collection of LED decorative architectural lighting available today, including luminaires, bases, poles, and bollards. We design and manufacture lighting fixtures for a broad array of markets and high profile projects such as urban centers, historic neighborhood renovations, sporting venues, roadways and parking facilities, streetscapes and landscapes, shopping centers, hotels, universities, restaurants, and more.
(Cleaners & Sealers)
7634-B Progress Circle
W. Melbourne, FL. 32904

Eco-Wares® is home to the Nation's leading green, eco-friendly sealers, cleaners, and coatings to use with building materials of all kinds. Manufacturers, architects and home restoration contractors increase the value of their work with Envirosafe products! Using eco-friendly products during the restoration and preservation of historic homes and buildings is paramount when dealing with older substrates. As masonry/stone ages it becomes softer and thus more brittle. Power washing with very high pressure and harsh chemical cleaners can only add to further degradation. Shown is Grace Methodist Church in Wilmington, DE, with Robert Morgan & Co. using our Trojan Masonry & Concrete Sealer to seal the building exterior after having repaired it. This 1868 Church is on the National Register of Historic Places and is made with a soft green serpentine stone quarried from Pennsylvania.
Manufacturing, Inc.

(Landscape Waterwheels)
191 Industrial Park Rd.
Franklin, NC 28734
Waterwheel Manufacturing, Inc.
Waterwheel Manufacturing, Inc.
Design Professionals, give your clients the option of movement in your designs. For years you have used water as a key landscape design element. Now, take the next step. Offer your clients motion via a classic or modern design waterwheel. Waterwheel Manufacturing, Inc. has fabricated metal waterwheels globally for over 18 years. We have perfected the construction of landscape waterwheels by incorporating structural beauty with modern fabrication. Waterwheel Manufacturing designs and builds the finest quality landscape waterwheels - in all sizes and for many applications, including estate entrances, residential, parks and mill restorations. All Wheels are custom-built to match the design flow of your creations. We have full CAD capabilities to work with your office during the design phase.
529 Bethlehem Pike
Erdenheim, PA 19038
Premier Building Restoration, Inc.
Premier Building Restoration, Inc.

Premier Building Restoration, Inc. delivers the highest quality historic masonry restoration and waterproofing services in the Greater Philadelphia, PA area. Premier is dedicated to preserving history by employing safe, motivated, and highly trained craftspeople. We have extensive experience with brick, stone, terracotta, concrete, and historic mortars, ensuring each historic building system is protected and maintained. For over 25 years, Premier Building Restoration has prided itself on the importance and strength of our relationships with clients, engineers, architects, subcontractors, and vendors. Recognized for our commitment to historic preservation, safety, and expertise in concrete, our award-winning company is built on integrity, dependability, and an unshakeable drive.
Allied Window, Inc.
(Invisible Storm Windows)
11111 Canal Road
Cincinnati, OH 45241
Allied Window, Inc.
Allied Window, Inc.

Allied Window, Inc.'s unique line of interior and exterior custom "invisible" storm windows address energy loss, sound and UV reduction, aesthetics and sash protection in the residential, industrial and commercial markets. Our capabilities in the historic area are unmatched in the industry. We can provide narrow line windows of any shape, size or color that seem to "disappear" into the window opening. Whether you are a professional in the field or a homeowner, our abilities allow us to address your needs from conventional to extraordinary. We work with you to develop a system to address the needs of your single glazed windows. View our Product Selection Guide to determine the best Allied Window storm window models to use with your wood, steel or aluminum windows.
Southside Workshop Inc.
(Brownstone Doors)
169 54th Street #312
Brooklyn, NY 11220
Southside Workshop Inc.
Southside Workshop Inc.

Southside Workshop Inc. is a Brooklyn-based family owned and operated custom woodworking shop, space where we create, collaborate and innovate. . Our services include custom luxury residential and commercial cabinetry and architectural millwork, reproduction of historic brownstone doors, and tap handles for the beverage industry. We love working with wood! Its smell and feel excites us and we’re grateful to work with this medium daily. Wood has shaped our living and working environments for generations and it continues to bring beauty and order to our homes and workplaces today. We take great pride in shaping today’s environments by making your design conceptss turn into reality, whether it’s a welcoming historic doorway, elegant interior millwork, and furniture or customized tap handle to represent your craft brand. Each finished item is masterfully crafted with care and detail in our workshop. Master Crafstman Nathan Shellkopf is a fourth-generation woodworker having his craft passed down to him from his great-grandfather. Over the past 20 years, Nate has amassed a highly specialized collection of skills, which he applies daily in overseeing the production of beautifully crafted pieces of custom furniture, millwork and historic doors. When it comes to historic door reproductions, Nate is the ultimate expert. Clients appreciate his extensive knowledge of period architecture details and wood properties.
E.T. Moore
Manufacturing, Inc.

(Heart of Pine Specialist)
3100 N Hopkins Rd. #101
Richmond, VA 23224
E.T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc.
E.T. Moore Manufacturing, Inc.

Why choose E.T. Moore? Our customers, some we have supplied with beautiful Heart Pine Flooring and reclaimed antique wood for decades, know that we care about two things: the wood, and our client. A family owned and operated business, we are the largest and oldest supplier of heart pine and reclaimed fine woods in the United States, because of our attention to detail and attention to the customer. Whether your project is residential or commercial, please contact us at any time if you have any questions about our reclaimed lumber, heart of pine, or rare wood supplies, its uses, or if you would like a personal tour of our showroom.
Boston Ornament
Company, Inc.

(Ornamental Plaster)
175 W. Main Street
Millbury, MA 01527
Boston Ornament Company, Inc.
Boston Ornament Company, Inc.

The Boston Ornament Company offers ornamental plaster medallions, mouldings, and brackets, as well as unique custom plasterwork to architects, designers, decorators, and owners who demand plaster ornament of the highest quality and finest traditional materials. For over two decades, the Boston Ornament Company has been a leading source of historically significant and quality ornamentation, particularly in the Greater Boston market. Our products represent the most notable collection of historic 19th century plaster medallions available anywhere. These medallions have been obtained over time from the finest homes in Boston's Back Bay, Beacon Hill, and the South End. Each was created in one of various Boston studios by the skilled artisans of their time. Our brackets, cornices, rosettes and mouldings share the same antique heritage as our medallions. Including any of the objects in this collection to the decoration of your home or historically significant building comes with the pride of knowing they were created by masters of heirloom quality decorative plaster in the Old World tradition.
Parrett Windows & Doors
(Custom Windows/Doors)
690 Second Avenue E.
Dorchester, WI 54425
Parrett Windows & Doors
Parrett Windows & Doors

Parrett Windows & Doors is a nationwide manufacturer of quality, custom crafted wood and aluminum-clad wood windows, doors, grilles and accessories. All of our windows and doors are custom built and hand crafted to meet your specifications. One of Parrett's specialties is the manufacture of historic style windows, doors and accessories matching original designs. You don't need to settle for mass produced products. Yes, a higher standard is available. Parrett builds durable, true quality products that are designed to perform for many decades. And, as we hear all the time, "They are simply beautiful!" Every window and door is individually engineered and constructed with a level of care and quality that exceeds mass assembled products. Size, shape, style, profiles are all part of the carefully considered design to meet your specific order requirements. Parrett's products are designed to achieve the best possible energy performance while being exceptionally durable and requiring little maintenance.
Atelier Chroma
(Heritage Restoration)
25 Senate Place
Jersey City, NJ 07306
Atelier Chroma
Atelier Chroma

Atelier Chroma is a team of professional craftsmen, artists and painters who are able to deliver high-end results to a wide range of projects. We bring a higher level of craftsmanship and skills to the commercial and residential sectors. Atelier Chroma's artisans are skilled in antique woodwork restoration and repair. An artist's hand works best for restoring sensitive heritage architecture and decorative elements. Our capabilities include heritage restoration, antique windows and doors, architectural elements; cornice, panel moulding, signage and decorative elements in wood or plaster. We are a licensed contractor and our workers are professionally insured. Our certifications assure you the validity of our guarantees, the high quality of our work and that your project will be done in a professional manner. Our vision combines artistic and creative work with high quality and lasting results. We are always looking for new materials and developing new methods to push the limits of our profession.
Driwood Moulding Co.
(Architectural Millwork)
623 W. Lucas Street
Florence, SC 29501
Driwood Moulding Company
Driwood Moulding Company

Driwood is a family of makers. We create mouldings, millwork, mantelpieces, paneling and architectural embellishments. We are craftsmen and keepers of a time-honored tradition. It is our mission to bring beauty, history, and artistry into every space we touch. Honed over decades, our precision process ensures that every detail is architecturally correct in proportion, scale, and design. So every moulding, every piece of millwork, and every inch of paneling replicates the intricately hand-carved work of history’s greatest woodcrafters. Together with architects, designers, builders, preservationists, and homeowners, we recreate architectural details that evoke a place in time and emotion. We create custom designs that reflect individual, one-of-a-kind style. Our singular attention to detail is inspired by more than a passion for the process, by more than decades of diligent design – it’s inspired by those who love history, beauty, and artistry as much as we do – and we always invite them in. We’ve been honing our craft for nearly a century – fine-tuning our manufacturing processes to ensure we’re replicating the intricately hand-carved work of woodcrafters whose work we honor. That means you can trust that our period mouldings are made from the highest quality embossed hardwoods – and architecturally correct in proportion, scale, and design. Everything is made, by design, to last a lifetime. Our legacy is our heritage.
St. Cloud Window, Inc.
(Replication Windows)
390 Industrial Blvd.
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
St. Cloud Window, Inc.
St. Cloud Window, Inc.

From acoustical applications and historic replication, to wind, rain and impact resistance, St. Cloud Window, Inc. specializes in challenging, multi-faceted projects. Our focused expertise allows us the flexibility to successfully undertake complex, specialized projects regardless of size. Whether it's just a few windows or a towering highrise, we can bring your vision to life. St. Cloud Window's emergence as an industry leader can be traced to our unswerving commitment to quality. This key principle has guided every aspect of our operations since 1952, from research and development, to production and customer service. But the greatest evidence of this commitment is reflected in the St. Cloud Window projects themselves, in thousands of buildings across the nation. Every one is a testament to innovation, performance and value -- as well as satisfied customers.
Wood Research
& Development

(Timber Structures)
10466 Sunnyside Rd. SE
Jefferson, OR 97352
Wood Research and Development
Wood Research and Development

At Wood Research and Development, we have almost 50 years of experience in any type of timber structure. We are experts for any wooden structure inspection, and pinpoint where the weak points potentially may lie. Our team members are world renown for timber structural engineering and design, and with our certified lab testing, rest assured we can assess any wood, any time, any place. Our unique testing methods are the foundation of our company. We have over 42 patents in timber. Our tests, done by our engineers, are safe and do not damage the wood or structure in any way. Our inspections have shown that irreparable structures could be fixed. This has saved companies millions of dollars. When we show that an existing structure can be repaired, it means that usage can resume faster because it is typically faster to fix a structure than to build another.
(Historic Windows)
1235 Saline Street
N. Kansas City, MO

Re-View is a full service historic window company that specializes in everything associated with the window opening, including historic wood window manufacturing, wood window restoration, steel window restoration, lead paint abatement, window installation, window finishing, hardware restoration, and insulated glass conversion. Over the past 25 years, the owners of Re-View have worked with some of the largest window manufacturers in the United States in the aluminum, wood, and vinyl window sectors. This extensive background combined with our historic window restoration and manufacturing work, gives Re-View a unique perspective in the window business.
100 Homer Drive
Talladega, AL 35161
Allen Architectural Metals, Inc.
Allen Architectural Metals, Inc.

Allen Architectural Metals, Inc. offers comprehensive support in casting and metal fabrications along with superior client services for architects, governmental agencies, high-end developers, universities, hospitals and private residences. Since 1995 Allen Architectural Metals, Inc. has evolved into a nationally recognized organization managing projects across the United States, with expertise in restoration, preservation and custom design building. Projects range from hand carved historical replications to custom laser cut design applications. With offices in Alabama and New York, Allen Architectural Metals, Inc.'s services include historic site consultation, historical replication, custom castings, master pattern making, water jet technology, custom finishing services and more.
The Copper House
(Copper Lighting)
1747 Dover Road / Rte. 4
Epsom, NH 03234
The Copper House
The Copper House

Celebrating over 40 years in business, we welcome you to The Copperhouse, THE source for indoor and outdoor brass and copper lighting, and weathervanes, too! All lanterns are made in New Hampshire by American Craftsmen using solid brass and copper. All fixtures are UL Listed. We thank you for the positive comments we've received about our website over the years and after listening to you, have totally redesigned our site to make shopping our catalog much easier and enjoyable. Remember, for our Internet customers, our online prices reflect a 15% discount off of our regular prices, as well as FREE SHIPPING* to the continental U.S.!!! No sales tax in NH can save you even more! Also remember, most of our products can be customized with different bulb configurations and finishes, so if you don't see exactly what you're looking for, please contact us! Our easy check out system features 128 bit security so your online orders are secure! Enjoy your visit!
Bingham Lumber, Inc.
(Wide Plank Floors)
89 Route 13
Brookline, NH 03033
Bingham Lumber, Inc.
Bingham Lumber, Inc.

Bingham Lumber, Inc.'s Bingham Family has taken great pride in creating custom wide plank floors over the last 60+ years, in doing so we have sourced some of the finest timber available today. Working with other family-run businesses allows us to manage the quality of the fiber we use in our manufacturing and also insures the use of responsible timber harvesting. Although our reputation was built on wide pine, our custom wide plank hardwoods and reclaimed are second to none. The Bingham Family first harvested Old Growth Pine in 1946, and we have been creating custom plank floors ever since. We value long lasting relationships with land owners yielding the finest Eastern White Pine Fiber available today. For over 200 years these planks have been critical in the architecture of New England. The face of Bingham Lumber, Inc. has changed over the years, but the heart and soul of the company hasn't. The team is determined that Bingham Lumber, Inc. will continue to evolve as the times dictate, never losing sight of Don Bingham's creed initiated over six decades ago: Quality lumber at a fair price with good honest service.



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