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Preservation Radio is a new podcast network, featuring long-form conversations with distinguished historic preservation professionals worldwide.

Bingham Lumber, Inc.

The story of Antique wood is steeped in history and tradition. Reclaimed timbers that once supported textile mills, barns, distilleries, and rural dwellings are recreated by skilled craftsman. These very same timbers appear in today's home design to witness the celebrations of daily life, adding another chapter to the story. Bingham Lumber, Inc. works with salvage professionals throughout the United States. Our relationship with these companies allows Bingham Lumber, Inc. to reclaim timbers out of buildings that would otherwise be lost. These recycled timbers are brought directly to our Brookline, New Hampshire facility, where they are inspected and catalogued keeping the past history intact.

Page Conservation, Inc.

Conserving a painting is a rather complicated undertaking, requiring considerable skill on the part of the conservator and great trust on the part of the owner. Understandably, most owners want to learn about the process of conservation and what it means for their treasured artworks. For this reason, we at Page Conservation, Inc. approach the whole process in a series of steps that allow our potential clients to become well informed before they permit us to begin conservation treatment of their paintings.

Southern Timberwrights

Alabama based Southern Timberwrights specializes in traditional English joinery. We believe in Old World craftsmanship, and the importance of maintaing our architectural heritage. These principles are evident in the quality and design of our frames. We offer custom design work as well as a willingness to work with your plans or with your architect.

Conklin's Barnwood & Beams

No modern technology comes close to matching the color and quality of aged wood. Whether used for flooring, walls, wainscoting or making furniture, Conklin's Barnwood & Beams' aged wood will bring back memories of days gone by.

Fagan Design & Fabrication, Inc.

Turning wooden columns since 1987, Fagan Design & Fabrication, Inc. is an essential resource for historic preservation, restoration and period construction. Our true niche products cannot be found as stock items. Simply provide us with a drawing or a sample of your desired column or turning. We have the experience and expertise to complete your project on time and within budget.

Architectural Reclamation, Inc.

For over 30 years, Architectural Reclamation, Inc. has offered a wide range of historic building restoration services, primarily in the Miami Valley of Southwestern Ohio. Our specialty is finding sensitive, responsible and creative solutions to the many problems that arise in adapting old buildings to modern uses, while preserving the unique character and craftsmanship of each historic structure.

Alloy Casting

Historic restoration projects present unique challenges in trying to source designs to match original ornamental metal elements. Alloy Casting is equipped to duplicate antique or hard-to-find castings and can provide quantities as low as a single piece. Whether making a direct copy of an existing casting, or carving a new master pattern, we can help you finish your historic restoration with the parts you need.

Old Wood Workshop

Old Wood Workshop, based in Pomfret Center, Connecticut, offers salvaged antique flooring, resawn or remilled antique flooring, wide board flooring and vintage recycled building materials in chestnut, oak and pine. Some of the original surface floors we sell were hand-planed and foot-worn over hundreds of years and are smooth enough to install and walk on without sanding.

Demolition Depot

The Demolition Depot is a unique source of vintage plumbing fixtures, doors, windows, shutters, railings, gates, grills, mantels, stone and terracotta pieces, religious objects and so much more. Our fixtures are geared towards the re-creation and renovation of period places. Preserving our architectural history has led us to reclaim building elements at an unprecedented scale.

Revival Lighting

Revival Lighting is home to one of the largest selections of restored vintage lighting fixtures in the Inland Northwest.

Traditional Builders, Inc.

Traditional Builders, Inc. based in Annapolis, Maryland, is comprised of restoration craftsmen dedicated to the preservation of our historic architecture. We offer the knowledge and experience to reproduce and repair the elements that compose this architectural legacy. From the common barn to the plantation manor we have the expertise to preserve or reproduce the structure in its entirety.

Period Lighting Fixtures, Inc.

All of Period Lighting Fixtures, Inc.'s fixtures are entirely handmade, from the drip on the wax coated candle covers to the hand forged suspension hook that conceals the wire. The fixtures are made with many of the same hand tools of the original craftsmen who were intent upon investing their skills and artistry in a product whose quality approaches the outer limits of commercial practicality.


Artefact was established in 1987 by three architects seeking to create an environment where architectural elements and artifacts from the past could be uniquely displayed and purchased. We are conveniently located between Philadelphia and New York City in beautiful Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Our store is open to the public and situated in an 18th century stone barn with a half acre of formal gardens.

Strosser Architecture & Conservation

Strosser Architecture & Conservation is a full-service architectural firm dedicated to the preservation of our region's cultural and natural resources. Strosser Architecture & Conservation projects blend traditional forms, materials, and time-tested building practices with the latest in computer-aided design tools, building information modeling (BIM), and sustainable technologies.

ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales

They don't make things the way they used to, but you can find the things they used to make at ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales. We have made it our mission to keep vintage pieces from this era alive and well. In order to do that, we save old woodwork and hardware from old buildings on the verge of demolition. We’re left with beautiful Arts and Crafts, doors, floors and hardware, all available to our customers at a price that is both low and competitive.

Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things specializes in Altered Antiques. Our salvage team collects an assortment of reclaimed materials and repurposes them into useful or purely aesthetic items. Our most popular ranges include our famous tin mirrors and panels, furniture and shelving and lighting pieces.

Deep Landing Workshop

Deep Landing Workshop, based in Chestertown, Maryland, offers an extensive collection of classic period lighting fixtures, and specializes in custom work.


Ogee, a full-service historic preservation consulting firm based in Austin, Texas, will guide you and your design team through each step of the process of securing state and federal historic tax credits. No project is too small for us. Please visit our blog for more information about historic tax credits.

Stroh Architecture, Inc.

Stroh Architecture, Inc. originated in 1987 and has been based in Prescott, Arizona since 1992. Principal Architect Douglas Stroh offers 40 years of professional experience. The firm has an extensive portfolio of commercial design and has significant Historic Preservation / Adaptive Reuse experience that has garnered design awards for its accomplishments.


The Public Archaeology Laboratory (PAL),is a leading New England cultural resource management (CRM) firm. We offer services in the fields of archaeology and historic architectural survey, cemetery investigations, expert testimony, section 106, HABS/HAER, and state level documentation.

Foam Factory Inc.

Foam Factory Inc, based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida,offers Classical Corinthian, Ionic and Doric Column Capitals in many sizes to fit round or square columns. Contact Foam Factory owner Stan Regent at 954.485.6700 to discuss your custom reproduction and architectural foam molded product requirements.

Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts

Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts will soon have available a limited quantity of square, hand chiseled, reclaimed limestone from a 1921 structure. Contact Mike Hill at 417.860.4894 for full details and to pre-order.

Alloy Casting

Historic restoration projects present unique challenges in trying to source designs to match original ornamental metal elements. Alloy Casting is equipped to duplicate antique or hard-to-find castings and can provide quantities as low as a single piece. Whether making a direct copy of an existing casting, or carving a new master pattern, we can help you finish your historic restoration with the parts you need.

Flaherty Iron Works, Inc., of Alexandria, Virgnia

Flaherty Iron Works, Inc., of Alexandria, Virgnia, is a family owned business specializing in custom hot hand forged iron railings, light fixtures, and furniture since 1976. Their craftsmen are talented in the fabrication of brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.

A & A Millwork

A & A Millwork, Inc.specializes in manufacturing architecturally correct wood windows for older homes and buildings. Our windows are not only designed to maintain your older home's appearance, but are built to last another 100 years or more! We take pride in every window we manufacture, subjecting each to a 20 point inspection before being shipped.

Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties

Nearly a century ago in 1924, our family began making garage doors and became a major pioneer in the overhead garage door industry. Today, Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties' fourth generation is continuing the efforts started so long ago. Whether it be fine carriage house doors, architectural, commercial, or custom application overhead garage doors, we'll gladly work with you to design the door you require.

Adams Architectural Millwork Co.

Historic restoration professionals around the country rely on Adams Architectural Millwork Co. to provide historically accurate windows of superior quality. Adams Architectural Millwork Co. has worked on projects ranging from large, commercial buildings involving hundreds of windows, to one-of-a-kind single sash replications for a home or small town church. No matter the project size, Adams Architectural Millwork Co. works hard to recreate every detail, including matching profiles (sticking), glass, muntins and hardware.

Meara Woodworking
(Custom Millwork)
124 Franklin Bellinger Rd
Sharon Springs, NY
Meara Woodworking
Meara Woodworking

Meara Woodworking is a custom millwork company that specializes in the reproduction of period windows, doors, mouldings, cabinetry, and restoration under shop conditions. We also design and build new windows and doors. We also do historical restorations on existing windows and doors. At Meara Woodworking, we pride ourselves in bringing back to life the architectural treasures from the past.  We take the time to research the look and feel that the site once had.  We take care to reproduce the fine architectural elements in the original materials and finishes. Meara Woodworking can enhance and personalize your home or business through the addition of millwork.  Custom finishes, whether they are moldings, chair rail, paneling or built-in book shelves, will add significantly to your living experience, as well as to the value of your property.
77 Commerce Drive
Rochester, NY 14623
585.334.1350 Ext. 302
Pullman Manufacturing Corporation
Pullman Manufacturing Corporation

For over 125 years, Pullman Manufacturing Corporation window sash balances have been the standard for double hung wood window restorations and replacements. Pullman window sash balances are the preferred solution for new and existing double-hung wood window installations and for historic renovations and restorations where the original look of the windows must be preserved. An added benefit is the ability to insulate the old lead sash weight pockets during installation when the sash is removed. Pullman replacement sash balances are the easiest way to replace sash springs or original double-hung window sash weights, chains and pulleys. Installation can be completed without removing the window sash via a mounted bracket on top of the sash. Pullman replacement sash balances are available for window sash weights between 5 and 105 pounds. To determine window sash weight, place any ordinary household or bathroom scale on the sill and lower the sash until its full weight is recorded.
King's Chandelier Co.
(Period Lighting)
729 S. Van Buren Road
Eden, NC 27288
King's Chandelier Co.
King's Chandelier Co.

When you order from King's Chandelier Co.,each piece of your crystal chandelier or sconce is hand picked, inspected, and matched by our dedicated craftsman. Your fixture is built just for you and shipped to your door. If any breakage occurs during shipping, will replace the broken component pieces with no cost to you. Whether you are searching for a large, Swarovski crystal chandelier or a small, more traditional sconce, our chandelier experts are just a phone call away. We can offer advice on size and style or guide you in customization details. If you have a special request regarding ceiling mounts or shipping, just call us! Most importantly, after you receive your purchase, we are happy to talk to you about installation or maintenance - even 20 years from now.
Therm-o-lite, LLC
(Interior Window Systems)
1330 High Street
South Bend, IN 46601
Therm-o-lite, LLC
Therm-o-lite, LLC

Historic buildings often evoke a strong sense of nostalgia within a community or organization, but the old windows in these buildings can be a major source of energy loss that keeps utility bills high. Replacement windows, however, are not always an option due to factors such as window cost, architectural integrity issues and the potential loss of possible historic tax credits. Installing the Thermolite Window System by Therm-o-lite, LLC is easy, allows the existing historical windows to remain and will maintain the beauty and character of your historic building. Since 1979, Thermolite has been a leading innovator in supplemental interior window systems. We are a GSA-certified contractor and work with governmental agencies, the U.S. military, commercial renovators, hospitality facilities and historic preservation projects. Our patented Thermolite Window System is a one-of-a-kind alternative to traditional replacement windows. This 100% customized window system is designed to provide superior protection against bomb blast, audio espionage and hurricanes while reducing noise, sealing the building envelope and preserving historic architectural integrity.
NIKO Contracting, Inc.
3434 Parkview Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
NIKO Contracting, Inc.
NIKO Contracting, Inc.

NIKO Contracting, Inc. has been providing quality craftsmanship in roofing and architectural sheet metal nationwide since 1974. In addition to renovating and restoring historic landmark buildings we are also full service roofing contractors. We specialize in projects where roofing and architectural sheet metal work comprise the majority of the work, but often include extensive structural carpentry, steel repair, masonry repair, siding work, painting, and cleaning. Our work often comprises the entire exterior envelope of a structure. Most of the work and fabrication is performed in-house using our own resources. This ensures our customers the highest degree of quality control and cost effectiveness. Our specialties include roofing, metal siding, custom fabrication of all types of architectural sheet metal and ornamentation, exterior restoration, pressed metal ceilings and chemically induced patination of copper.
The Swan Company
(Picture Hanging
637 Georgia Street
Vallejo, CA 94590
The Swan Company
The Swan Company

For The Swan Company owner, Carol Hanson, it all began in 1979 with the purchase of an 1876 Italianate row house on Golden Gate Avenue in San Francisco. "It had picture rail molding, but the only place that carried the appropriate hangers (Woolworth's) went out of business before I got there. So I said 'Ok, I can do this myself'. Figuring that I wasn’t the only person that would miss Woolworth, I ran a very tiny ad in Victorian Homes Magazine. That describes the birth of the 'Picture Hanging Paraphernalia'. What came next was the picture rail molding. In 1989, we began construction of a new old house using mostly architectural salvage. That’s when I stumbled on 'Gesso' picture rail molding. By some miracle I found enough at a salvage yard to do our entire house. But I was in love with it and wanted to share it with others. I used scrap pieces on my website to display my picture rail hooks. Big mistake…as people thought I had it for sale, and I ended up disappointing a lot of them. But that’s when my quest began to learn as much as I could about it. It led me on a long (and many times disappointing) road, but I just couldn’t get it out of my mind. So now, a mere 25 years later, I am able to offer the world authentic Gesso Picture Rail Molding. Yes the real thing…plaster on wood and, best of all, it’s made in the USA".
Heritage Business Intl.
(Business Consultants)
Service Area
Heritage Business International
Heritage Business International

Business consulting and support by professionals who understand your organization’s mission, culture, and passion for preservation! Heritage Business International helps historic preservation businesses, heritage organizations, and cultural institutions increase their value, sustainability, and impact. Our staff have MBA’s, graduate degrees in heritage disciplines, work experience in the heritage industry, and a passion for historic preservation. We know that running your preservation organization isn’t all about business, but we also know that if you don’t run a healthy and sustainable organization you can’t succeed in achieving your preservation goals. We bridge the gap between business and preservation by working with boards, managers, and employees to build capacity, develop and implement strategy, deliver heritage-specific business training, and provide industry data and market intelligence. We are a social enterprise venture working for for-profits, non-profits, large corporations, and small home-based businesses—and we want to help you become more successful!
Western Maine
Screen Doors Co.

(Mahogany Screen Doors)
435 Carrabassett Road
New Portland, ME 04961
Western Maine Screen Doors Co.
Western Maine Screen Doors Co.

The Western Maine Screen Doors Company is a family run business located in the foothills of the western Maine mountains. For over 25 years now, the Western Maine Screen Doors Company has been making custom mahogany screen doors. We will work with you or your contractor, step by step, to assure that you get exactly the door or screen panels for your porch that you want and expect. We can interchange any design features of our doors to fit the look you are looking for. We can also work with you to design one of your very own! Recently here at the Western Maine Screen Doors Company, we have expanded our line of products to include shutters, rosettes and plinth blocks, custom moldings, and other custom order products. We expect you to be happy and proud that you have purchased one of our products!
Mr. Spindle, Inc.
(Porch Components)
4039 98th Ave S
Fargo, ND 58104
Mr. Spindle, Inc.
Mr. Spindle, Inc.

Whether you are the caretaker of an historic Painted Lady in San Francisco or building a new home in the rural Midwest, Mr. Spindle can help. The goal of the Mr. Spindle company is to give its customers the very best outdoor decking components available at any price. Our vast array of spindles, balusters, porch posts, newel posts, columns, custom turnings, finials, handrails, and post tops are produced from the world’s finest cedar, redwood, Brazilian IPE, and American pine. Our products will help you create the porch or deck your family will enjoy for years to come. Mr. Spindle also has an assortment of interior products as well. If you’re looking for something unique, send us your sample, photo or drawing. We'll turn your custom restoration project with exacting detail.
Williamsburg Blacksmiths
(Reproduction Hardware)
26 Williams Street
Williamsburg, MA 01096
Williamsburg Blacksmiths
Williamsburg Blacksmiths

Williamsburg Blacksmiths have forged reproductions of early American wrought iron hardware in Williamsburg for three generations. For those who appreciate authentic reproductions, simple colonial designs and traditional early American wrought iron, visit our store to see the door, cabinet and shutter hardware made by our blacksmiths today in the renovated forge of the original smithies. Williamsburg Blacksmiths make a full line of restoration hardware (door handles, door hinges, locks, door knockers, cabinet hinges, latches, cabinet and drawer pulls, shutter hardware, bath and kitchen accessories). We also offer custom finishes (hammered, beeswax and rust brown) and custom work. In the spirit of cooperation, we are delighted to display a collection of fire tools, exterior and interior lights, weather vanes and home accessories for your home crafted by other talented metalsmiths.
John Canning & Co.
(Restoration Contractors)
150 Commerce Court
Cheshire, CT 06410
John Canning & Co.
John Canning & Co.

John Canning & Co. is an architectural restoration contractor with over 40 years’ experience. We specialize in services for historic preservation, conservation, restoration, and replication. John Canning & Co. is an expert in the architectural arts and finishes such as ornamental plaster restoration, plaster stabilization, decorative finishes, gilding, historic woodwork and stone, as well as exterior services of architectural gilding and selective decorative finishes. Our principals are professional associates of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AIC). We are guided by the principle "do no harm" and advance that principle by providing treatments that are reversible and supplying owners with thorough documentation of research, conditions, actions taken and materials used.
Olek Lejbzon Co.
538 Christopher Street
City of Orange, NJ, 07050
Olek Lejbzon Co.
Olek Lejbzon Co.

Olek Lejbzon Co.'s core business is restoration and fabrication, serving New York City since 1950, and now the rest of the United States. The principal media we work with are wood, modern and traditional furniture, woodwork fabrication, windows and doors, decorative finishes and ornamental metals. Olek creates and restores spectacular doors for Landmark and National Register buildings and residences and offers the finest restoration or replication of historic hinges, door knobs, levers or pulls, door cremone and flush bolts, finials, locksets, window sash locks and pulleys, plumbing hardware, and ornamental architectural metal castings. Olek also accepts sculptural commissions, executing the designs of others, or creating original designs. We can execute carving work in the "hand" matching the carving style of any sculptor or carver including the most sophisticated and intricate of 17th or 18th century work.
Creative Building

(Preservation Contractor)
145 D Street
Carlisle, PA 17013
Creative Building Concepts
Creative Building Concepts

Whether you’re looking to restore or modernize your historic building, Creative Building Concepts has significant experience making the “old” new again. We have consistently worked with regulatory groups like HARB to manage structural/historic preservation requirements. And, we are prepared to handle the complexities that come with any historic restoration/renovation project. We’ve turned an abandoned factory building into gorgeous high-end industrial apartments; renovated an old five-sided jewelry store into an artistic four story residence; and restored a 19th century tavern masterpiece into a vacation rental fit for royalty. All this experience means we are a perfect fit to help you preserve the history of your building project while modernizing your space.
1920 North Main Street Sheffield, MA 01257 413.528.6744
John F. Graney Metal Design, Inc.
John F. Graney Metal Design, Inc.

John F. Graney Metal Design, Inc. is a custom metal fabrication studio specializing in the most demanding site specific architectural and ornamental iron projects throughout southern New England and New York. In collaboration with the client, contractor and design professionals, we produce work which fulfills all the artistic and technical goals of the project. Our hallmarks are design flexibility, reliable engineering and uncompromising attention to detail and finish. Wrought metals heated in the fire and formed over the anvil are the root of all our work. The traditional methods of repousse, die forging, slit punching, riveting and collaring are interpreted in both contemporary and classic commissions. John F. Graney, Inc. is entering its fourth decade of service to the industry and looks forward to hear about your custom architectural metal or ornamental iron project. We invite you to visit us at our architectural metal fabrication shop, located in Berkshire County, in western Massachusetts.
QUANTA Technologies, Inc
(Insulating Glass System)
1036 New Holland Ave.
Lancaster, PA 17601
QUANTA Technologies, Inc.
QUANTA Technologies, Inc.

Residential properties within a historic district must obtain the approval of the Historic Architectural Review Board (HARB), or similar entity, prior to proceeding with window retrofit or modification. The QUANTAPANEL Architectural Low-e Storm Window has been reviewed and approved by a number of such entities throughout the U.S. for use on properties within their designated district. The addition of storm windows does not alter the original window in any way, a fundamental requirement of most HARB’s. Historic property owners now have options. The QUANTAPANEL Insulating Glass System can be installed on the exterior in a color and style that is consistent with the original window. Optionally, the QUANTAPANEL System can be installed on the interior, providing a completely unobstructed view of the window from the outside, and nearly indistinguishable from the inside. In either case, the functional performance benefits desirable for comfortable living can be achieved.
Classic Home Hardware
(Vintage Hardware)
PO Box 1102
Canton, CT 06019
Classic Home Hardware
Classic Home Hardware

Welcome to Classic Home Hardware, restoring and recycling vintage American Made hardware, lighting and architectural elements. Classic Home Hardware has been in and around the antique, architectural salvage and restoration business since 1973. Our company specializes in the sale of a wide array of original antique house and furniture hardware. This includes many of the more common patterns for those of you looking to match a piece, as well as rare and unusual items that will be a striking addition to your home or collection. We sell only antique hardware that is in good working order. We will state in the description whether or not the item has been restored.
Arch Angle
Window and Door

(Storm Windows & Doors)
6979 Wooster Pike
Medina, OH 44256
Arch Angle Window and Door
Arch Angle Window and Door

Arch Angle Window and Door manufacturers high end specialty storms windows and doors. High quality standards and careful attention to detail allow Arch Angle to fill the unique requirements of unusual or period architecture. Arch Angle all-aluminum storm products are individually hand crafted to complement the historic requirements or distinctive architecture of the homes, churches and commercial buildings they protect. While statements of beauty in their own right, many are designed primarily for the preservation of the larger investment of rare wood entry doors or leaded, restoration or antique stained glass. Fine quality complements fine architecture, and Arch Angle takes great pride in seeing that each product, heated and hand crafted is made to exact specifications to fit each individual architectural requirement.
K.C. Restoration
Company, Inc.

(Restoration Contractors)
51514 W. 130th Street
Gardena, CA 90249
K.C. Restoration Company, Inc.
K.C. Restoration Company, Inc.

K.C. Restoration Company, Inc., founded in 1990, is a family-owned and operated company in Culver City, CA. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. Our team of qualified specialists are trained in the conservation of cultural materials under the guidelines of the American Institute of Conservation Code of Ethics and the Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. We are one of California's leading contractors in the preservation, restoration, and rehabilitation of historic properties, having worked extensively on many landmark buildings in Los Angeles and Southern California. Focusing on the restoration of decorative architectural elements, we are sensitive to historic materials and are dedicated to maintaining historical accuracy. Our areas of specialty include the conservation of painted and decorative surfaces, painting of historic buildings, wood and metal door restoration, wood and metal window restoration and architectural woodwork.
Webb & Company

(Preservation Architects)
387 North Walnut Street
Grand Island, NE 68801
Webb & Company Architects
Webb & Company Architects

Webb & Company Architects offers design related services in architecture, historic renovation, land planning, site analysis and existing facility analysis. WCA provides superior quality and innovative design services. Our architectural firm approaches each project with enthusiasm for integrity, honesty, and inclusiveness of the Client and end users as an integral part of the design process. Although WCA is well known for our variety of local and regional commercial facilities, the firm has become increasingly noted for our experience in historic renovation projects. WCA is strongly committed to historic communities’ "Downtown Revitalization" in the adaptive re-use of existing historic buildings for today’s new use and occupancy. WCA approaches our clients’ unique needs of each different project by assembling a "Team" of architects, mechanical, electrical, civil and structural engineers with experience required to design your project.
Innerglass Window
Systems, LLC

(Interior Storm Windows)
15 Herman Drive
Simsbury CT 06070
Innerglass Window Systems, LLC
Innerglass Window Systems, LLC

Innerglass windows are "The Perfect Storm" for insulating historic homes and buildings. The standards that define a "historic" home or building are very specific. The original window units are part of the building’s historic integrity and replacement of these windows is strongly discouraged. The guidelines specifically say, "If the original windows are in place, repair and retrofit of these windows is preferred." That’s where Innerglass comes in. Because our windows compression-fit inside of the stops of the primary window, there is no need to disturb the integrity of the original windows. And because each of our windows are custom made to fit the exact measurements of each window, they are extremely efficient for windows that are no longer square, which is very often the case with historic homes and buildings.
Deep Landing Workshop
(Custom Lighting)
115 Deep Landing Road
Chestertown, MD 21620
Deep Landing Workshop

Deep Landing Workshop was started in 1963 by Joseph and Cynthia Ramsey. They had moved to the Chestertown on the eastern shore of Maryland in 1960 with their sons John, Ted, & Bob. Joe had intended to start a tool and die business, but changed direction when someone commented on how difficult it was to find quality period lighting. Cynthia was the artist of the team, while Joe was the craftsman. Cynthia took chandeliers and sconces from the historical record and refined the designs and scaled them for contemporary houses. Joe figured out how to produce them. In 1967 he patented what we now call the”wireless” hook. Their son, John, took over in 1977. He combines the artist ability of his mother and the craftsman ability of his father. In a few years he doubled the size of the “plant” by closing in the tractor shed next to the original 18” by 18’ workshop. In 1989 John signed on with Rist in the Washington Design Center, limiting sales to the trade. In 2002, he and his small crew moved into a new luxurious shop and showroom. About the only amenity lacking is a shower. That is so John has to go home.
PAL, Inc.
(CRM Services)
26 Main Street
Pawtucket, RI 02860
PAL, Inc.
PAL, Inc.

PAL, Inc. established in 1982, is a private, not-for-profit, corporation based in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. We provide a full array of cultural resource management (CRM) services. Our primary service area extends throughout the Northeast, but we often conduct projects in other regions of the United States and the Caribbean Islands. We fulfill our mission by actively promoting stewardship of cultural resources through educational programs that engage the public and raise awareness about the value of our nation’s cultural heritage. We assist our clients in successfully navigating complex historic preservation review and planning processes by providing expert consultation services and historic resources documentation. Clients rely on PAL, Inc. for our ability to rapidly mobilize staff and resources to conduct cultural resource surveys, preservation planning studies, eligibility determinations, environmental impact assessments, regulatory compliance, and consultation.
Woolen Mill
Fan Company LLC

(Architectural Fans)
290 Woolen Mill Road
New Park, PA 17352
Woolen Mill Fan Company LLC
Woolen Mill Fan Company LLC

Woolen Mill Fan Company LLC produces traditional belt and pulley and direct drive fans. Built from patterns used in the 1976 Smithsonian exhibit, they will evoke mystery in any interior. Woolen Mill Fan Company LLC's objective is to recreate an environment that is as timeless as it is mysterious. The only way to achieve this is to be sensitive to the entire fabrication process. Antiquated designs are carved out in a small pattern making shop. An Amish foundry and machine shop give the work the mystique of character. The fans are then hand assembled in our studio to fit your specific design needs. Nowhere is there a hint of mass production – not even in the shipping crates. Our success has caused other companies to attempt to copy our designs. They have offered to make our fans with the most modern techniques of mass production. Be assured that when you buy a Woolen Mill Fan you are not purchasing an assembly line clone.
World Gutter Systems®
(Roof Drainage Systems)
436 West 12th Street
Erie, PA 16501
World Gutter Systems®
World Gutter Systems®

Slate And Copper Sales Co® offers the most complete range of copper products that add elegance and class to any home. We specialize in old world historic European profile half round gutter, different from modern American profile half round. Our seamless-weld downspout and “smooth” elbows, (no folds or crimps) deliver elegant, durable, high performing rainwater drainage. All of our Architectural copper designs, such as Cupolas, Finials, Leader-Heads, Dormer Vents and Historic Reproductions are fabricated to order right here in the USA. Our World Gutter System is the highest quality and most economical roof drainage system. With perfectly fitting pieces, the World Gutter System is also the easiest to install. This copper rain gutter system offers not only exceptional strength and durability, but absolute beauty and design. All of our gutter components are also available in zinc- a beautiful, less costly alternative to copper.
Stroh Architecture, Inc.
(Preservation Architects)
1577 Plaza West Dr Ste B
Prescott, AZ 86305
Stroh Architecture, Inc.
Stroh Architecture, Inc.

Stroh Architecture, Inc. originated in 1992 in Prescott, Arizona. Principal Douglas Stroh offers 42 years of professional experience. The Firm has successfully completed numerous projects for governmental clients including over 100 projects for Native American Communities. Stroh Architecture, Inc. practices sustainable design including Energy Star certified projects. Our projects are well known not only for their design achievements but also for their client compatibility, durability, passive and active solar strategies, energy efficiency and low water use. The firm has an extensive portfolio of commercial design and has significant Historic Preservation / Adaptive Reuse experience that has garnered design awards for their accomplishments.
Reclaimed Lumber

(Reclaimed Wood Prod.)
22701 S Peculiar Drive
Peculiar, MO 64078
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber we have a deep respect for the creations of nature, as well as for those passionate craftsmen who, generations ago, carefully wrought classic materials from nature’s offerings. So, our production process is slow and intimate compared to the warp speed and detachment with which many building materials are made today. The wood has waited for us; the least we can do is treat it right. Again. Wood from old-growth forests is more compact, more solid than new lumber. All of our lumber is superior quality, first-growth cutting, and it’s reclaimed from old barns and buildings. We’re way behind the times when it comes to cutting wood. Or corners. Reclaimed building supplies take extra effort to procure and process. We always go the distance when it comes to quality materials and workmanship.
McNair Historic
Preservation, Inc.

(Preservation Consultant)
2151 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36606
McNair Historic Preservation, Inc.
McNair Historic Preservation, Inc.

McNair Historic Preservation, Inc. is a national Historic Preservation consulting firm offering clients a range of services including government relations, historic tax credit and economic incentive consultation, historic economic development project management, historic real estate and design consultation, and research/fieldwork services to document and promote your historic assets. Based in Mobile, Alabama, our staff provides the expert services you need to find the greatest value and solutions for your historic property, while also balancing contemporary realities. McNair Historic Preservation possesses an expert understanding of government policies and application requirements for navigating through local, state, and federal regulations as we shepherd projects through all phases of the regulatory process. Whether you are a homeowner, developer, municipality, corporation, or attorney, we offer services to assist you with your project and maximize the value and historic integrity of your property.
(Historic Lighting)
3220 Oddfellows Road
Lynchburg, VA 24501

Lightsmith is an international supplier of specification-grade church, custom, and architectural lighting. From our humble roots as a church lighting manufacturer (Jefferson Lighting), we have grown to be one of the most respected names in the custom and architectural lighting field. Lightsmith's lighting products and lighting restoration services are some of the most sought after in the industry. For architects dealing in classical historic lighting restoration and preservation, to church lighting retrofits, to schools and universities looking for large-scale custom lighting to give their alumnae and students a focal point of pride and inspiration, we are there with hammer in hand ready to forge light on the anvil of imagination. Over the years, our shop has renovated, restored, and duplicated thousands of fixtures in multiple state capitals and government buildings. We hold the record at this point in time for the largest single lighting restoration job ever contracted by the United States Government.
Adams Architectural
Millwork Co.

(Historical Millwork)
2225 Kerper Blvd.
Dubuque, IA 52001
Adams Architectural Millwork Co.
Adams Architectural Millwork Co.

Adams Architectural Millwork Co. is a renowned historical millwork company. We are dedicated to service, quality and craftsmanship, and specialize in historical millwork projects. Adams Architectural Millwork Co. offers storm windows, screens, sash, window units and doors. Our custom capabilities allow us to replicate virtually any shape or style of wood window or door. We combine old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a truly authentic product that adds beauty and value to any home or business. Architects, designers, contractors and homeowners who want the finest quality windows and doors for custom residential and historic renovation projects rely on Adams Architectural Millwork Co. wood products.
Engineering, Inc.

(Consulting Engineers)
10503 West Drive Ste. A
Fairfax, VA 22030
Restoration Engineering, Inc.
Restoration Engineering, Inc.

Restoration Engineering, Inc. is a civil/structural engineering firm devoted to the restoration and preservation of building structures, especially those with moisture infiltration problems and related moisture damage. Restoration Engineering, Inc. provides investigation, design, contract compliance and management services, historic preservation and expert witness services for roofing restoration, waterproofing restoration, façade restoration, structural repairs, concrete restoration and window restoration. Five staff members have more than 50 years of collective engineering experience in all types of restoration work. We are renowned for our extremely detailed and thorough designs that limit change orders and provide our clients with high quality, cost effective, long lasting and maintainable building components.
WYK Associates, Inc.
(Restoration Architects)
205 Washington Avenue
Clarksburg, WV 26301
WYK Associates, Inc.
WYK Associates, Inc.

WYK Associates, Inc. is a a team of passionate architecture and planning professionals that provide individualized solutions to complex building challenges and facilitate the planning and execution of sophisticated architectural endeavors. Have a vision for a building, a place or location? We can help you make that vision a reality. Our team understands the complicated relationship between space, material and function, knows how to craft synergies between adjacent spaces, and uses a proven process to create master plans that benefit the bottom line. Come and learn about the rich history and tradition of WYK Associates, Inc. Examine our portfolio of National Register listed and other historic building projects and see how resurrection through adaptive reuse provides neighborhoods and cities new opportunities. We firmly believe our clientele’s success to be our success, and we invite you to contact us to learn how we can facilitiate the success of your project.
Architectural Salvage

(Architectural Salvage)
2600 E. Foothill Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91107
Pasadena Architectural Salvage
Pasadena Architectural Salvage

With twenty-plus years of experience, we at Pasadena Architectural Salvage feel that, now, more than ever, architectural salvage offers real value to the customer. And being in Pasadena, California, a city with some of the Nation's most active preservation and historic associations, only enhances our mission of salvaging architectural antique items destined for the landfill. "Going Green"' is not just a catchphrase, it's our main objective. Our extensive inventory of salvage antiques includes mantels, lighting, stained glass, iron work, plumbing accessories, builders hardware and furniture representing the Arts & Crafts, Spanish Revival, Art Nouveau,Victorian and Mid-century Modern periods. We have many architectural antique items not shown on our website. Please contact us if there is something in particular you are looking for or have questions. Our website is updated daily!
PO Box 217
Belvidere, NJ 07823
Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC
Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC

Restoration Technologies of New Jersey LLC was born out of a love for history. A love particularly for historic architecture such as houses, barns, mills, churches, and the many other long forgotten buildings and their amenities. Through these structures we can learn a great deal about our forefathers and their way of life. For this reason we are dedicated to the study, documentation, and preservation of such structures and related antique materials. This dedication to historic structures has helped us to become an active leader in the preservation community. Not just a construction company with restoration as a service, our knowledge sharing all-inclusive approach to preservation is helping to create awareness by participating in as well as forming new organizations to further the preservation movement. After over 15 years in the preservation field we have completed numerous restoration / preservation projects working with individuals, corporations, non-profits, and governmental agencies. With this experience comes the knowledge to safely and successfully complete your project to the highest standards.
Mon-Ray, Inc.
(Historic Windows/Doors)
7900 Excelsior Blvd.
Minneapolis, MN 55343
Mon-Ray, Inc.
Mon-Ray, Inc.

Mon-Ray, Inc. manufactures replacement and new construction windows, storm windows and storm doors, and porch enclosure window units for both the commercial and residential markets. Our business has been serving both of these markets for over 50 years. Mon-Ray, Inc. specializes in the preservation and restoration of historic windows and doors. Using our experience, skill and special production equipment, we can match special and custom radius shapes, miter angles and muntin bar patterns to retain the original appearance of existing window or door openings. The preservation and restoration of historic buildings is vital to our national heritage. Over the last half-century our DeVAC and Mon-Ray windows have been installed in historic buildings throughout the United States. We work closely with architects, engineers, consultants and other professionals who specialize in historic restoration and preservation projects.
Steven Handelman
Studios, Inc.

(Wrought Iron Products)
716 N. Milpas Street
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Steven Handelman Studios, Inc.
Steven Handelman Studios, Inc.

Steven Handelman Studios, Inc.'s wrought iron products are hand made by skilled craftsmen, one at a time. We do not use prefabricated parts or assembly line techniques. We take care in the detail of our products. We also customize each product through the extensive choices we offer, including: finish, glass, size, and mounting configuration. These production techniques and varied choices are unusual for the 21st century. We take great care in the preparation and finish of our wrought iron products and light fixtures. All welds are ground smooth, cracks are filled and slag removed. We use very strong paint as a base coat and hand apply each premium finish to achieve an authentic aged and elegant look. Any brass parts we use are sandblasted before the paint is applied to ensure a good paint bond. Because we are direct sellers, and do not wholesale our products, we can give our customers the advantage of direct factory pricing. Our goal is to provide exceptional value at a fair price for our unique hand made products.



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