Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts

Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts will soon have available a limited quantity of square, hand chiseled, reclaimed limestone from a 1921 structure. Contact Mike Hill at 417.860.4894 for full details and to pre-order.

Alloy Casting

Historic restoration projects present unique challenges in trying to source designs to match original ornamental metal elements. Alloy Casting is equipped to duplicate antique or hard-to-find castings and can provide quantities as low as a single piece. Whether making a direct copy of an existing casting, or carving a new master pattern, we can help you finish your historic restoration with the parts you need.

Flaherty Iron Works, Inc., of Alexandria, Virgnia

Flaherty Iron Works, Inc., of Alexandria, Virgnia, is a family owned business specializing in custom hot hand forged iron railings, light fixtures, and furniture since 1976. Their craftsmen are talented in the fabrication of brass, bronze, aluminum and stainless steel.

A & A Millwork

A & A Millwork, Inc.specializes in manufacturing architecturally correct wood windows for older homes and buildings. Our windows are not only designed to maintain your older home's appearance, but are built to last another 100 years or more! We take pride in every window we manufacture, subjecting each to a 20 point inspection before being shipped.

Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties

Nearly a century ago in 1924, our family began making garage doors and became a major pioneer in the overhead garage door industry. Today, Fimbel Architectural Door Specialties' fourth generation is continuing the efforts started so long ago. Whether it be fine carriage house doors, architectural, commercial, or custom application overhead garage doors, we'll gladly work with you to design the door you require.

Fagan Design & Fabrication, Inc.

Turning wooden columns since 1987, Fagan Design & Fabrication, Inc. is an essential resource for historic preservation, restoration and period construction. Our true niche products cannot be found as stock items. Simply provide us with a drawing or a sample of your desired column or turning. We have the experience and expertise to complete your project on time and within budget.

Adams Architectural Millwork Co.

Historic restoration professionals around the country rely on Adams Architectural Millwork Co. to provide historically accurate windows of superior quality. Adams Architectural Millwork Co. has worked on projects ranging from large, commercial buildings involving hundreds of windows, to one-of-a-kind single sash replications for a home or small town church. No matter the project size, Adams Architectural Millwork Co. works hard to recreate every detail, including matching profiles (sticking), glass, muntins and hardware.

Architectural Reclamation, Inc.

For over 30 years, Architectural Reclamation, Inc. has offered a wide range of historic building restoration services, primarily in the Miami Valley of Southwestern Ohio. Our specialty is finding sensitive, responsible and creative solutions to the many problems that arise in adapting old buildings to modern uses, while preserving the unique character and craftsmanship of each historic structure.

New Millennium Construction, Inc.

New Millennium Construction Inc. was established in 1999 by Dimitri Gioglis. With over 30 years in business and a passion to restore and preserve past craftsmanship, his New Millennium Construction team of professional artisans specializes in historic restoration, preservation and renovations, windows and doors, custom millwork, carpentry, historical masonry cleaning and restoration, historic painting, plaster, structural stabilization and ornamental metal restoration.

ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales

They don't make things the way they used to, but you can find the things they used to make at ND Millwerk Salvage and Sales. We have made it our mission to keep vintage pieces from this era alive and well. In order to do that, we save old woodwork and hardware from old buildings on the verge of demolition. We’re left with beautiful Arts and Crafts, doors, floors and hardware, all available to our customers at a price that is both low and competitive.

The Windowmaker

(Custom Wood Windows)
2623 Robertson Trail
Lutz, FL 33559
The Windowmaker Company
The Windowmaker Company

The Windowmaker Company has been manufacturing custom wood windows for historical restoration projects for 30+ years. We pride ourselves for having approval from the toughest historical boards. If you are looking for a source for custom wood windows for your home, or if you are a member of the historical restoration community seeking replicated sashes for your custom wood windows, look no further! The Windowmaker Company provides a full range of double hung, casement, transoms, sidelights and one of a kind windows in all sizes and design variations which are all engineered to your specifications. Our windows are all over the country, from the Custom House in Key West, lighthouses, Union Chapel in Martha’s Vineyard, universities, yacht clubs, etc. Interested in windows that will last a life time and are historically approved? TRU-CLAD has been used on large projects such as the 100+ year old Italian Club in Tampa. We’d love to discuss this option with you.
WYK Associates, Inc.
(Restoration Architects)
205 Washington Avenue
Clarksburg, WV 26301
WYK Associates, Inc.
WYK Associates, Inc.

WYK Associates, Inc. is a a team of passionate architecture and planning professionals that provide individualized solutions to complex building challenges and facilitate the planning and execution of sophisticated architectural endeavors. Have a vision for a building, a place or location? We can help you make that vision a reality. Our team understands the complicated relationship between space, material and function, knows how to craft synergies between adjacent spaces, and uses a proven process to create master plans that benefit the bottom line. Come and learn about the rich history and tradition of WYK Associates, Inc. Examine our portfolio of National Register listed and other historic building projects and see how resurrection through adaptive reuse provides neighborhoods and cities new opportunities. We firmly believe our clientele’s success to be our success, and we invite you to contact us to learn how we can facilitiate the success of your project.
PO Box 217
Belvidere, NJ 07823
Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC
Restoration Technologes of New Jersey LLC

Restoration Technologies of New Jersey LLC was born out of a love for history. A love particularly for historic architecture such as houses, barns, mills, churches, and the many other long forgotten buildings and their amenities. Through these structures we can learn a great deal about our forefathers and their way of life. For this reason we are dedicated to the study, documentation, and preservation of such structures and related antique materials. This dedication to historic structures has helped us to become an active leader in the preservation community. Not just a construction company with restoration as a service, our knowledge sharing all-inclusive approach to preservation is helping to create awareness by participating in as well as forming new organizations to further the preservation movement. After over 15 years in the preservation field we have completed numerous restoration / preservation projects working with individuals, corporations, non-profits, and governmental agencies. With this experience comes the knowledge to safely and successfully complete your project to the highest standards.
McNair Historic
Preservation, Inc.

(Preservation Consultant)
2151 Government Street
Mobile, AL 36606
McNair Historic Preservation, Inc.
McNair Historic Preservation, Inc.

McNair Historic Preservation, Inc. is a national Historic Preservation consulting firm offering clients a range of services including government relations, historic tax credit and economic incentive consultation, historic economic development project management, historic real estate and design consultation, and research/fieldwork services to document and promote your historic assets. Based in Mobile, Alabama, our staff provides the expert services you need to find the greatest value and solutions for your historic property, while also balancing contemporary realities. McNair Historic Preservation possesses an expert understanding of government policies and application requirements for navigating through local, state, and federal regulations as we shepherd projects through all phases of the regulatory process. Whether you are a homeowner, developer, municipality, corporation, or attorney, we offer services to assist you with your project and maximize the value and historic integrity of your property.
Cross Creek
Architectural Artificts

(Architectural Artifacts)
1228 East Guinevere Springfield, MO 65804 417.890.7966
Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts
Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts

Cross Creek Architectural Artifacts is an industry leader in architectural salvage, reclaimed building materials & reclaimed antique items. We provide our customers with the finest antique beams, timber, bricks and antique artifacts that add built-in charm and character to any project. Cross Creek is proud to play a leading role in the green building movement. By investing our time and resources in salvaging and reclaiming, we are keeping viable building materials out of the landfills and re-using them in new construction projects. Along with the outstanding look of reclaimed materials, they qualify for LEED certification points. Our custom milling service focuses on producing beautiful wide plank wood flooring sawn from 100+ year old timbers. Take a look at our products and inventory. If you don't see what you're looking for drop us a line and we can find it! We look forward to earning your business.
Gotham MetalWorks
(Landmark Replication)
38-09 Vernon Boulevard
Long Island City, NY
Gotham MetalWorks
Gotham MetalWorks

Chances are you know about our work without knowing our name. Gotham MetalWorks is a premier supplier of high quality materials for landmark replication, historical replication, renovations and new construction projects throughout the New York area. With an impressive staff of architects, engineers and craftsmen, Gotham MetalWorks specializes in old world craftsmanship combined with cutting edge technology. Our product offerings are varied and of an unmistakable quality. We are masters of architectural elements, metal stamping, metal cornices and skylights. We are as dedicated to innovation as we are to preservation. Whether the project is a landmark building or a contemporary art installation, our objective is always the same. We provide the expertise of seasoned professionals to help you select the best possible materials.
Northwest Door
& Sash Company

(Traditional Millwork)
303 South 5th Street
Springfield, OR 97477
Northwest Door & Sash Company
Northwest Door & Sash Company

At Northwest Door & Sash Company, we consider ourselves purists. Our respect for tradition is evident in how we handcraft solid wood windows and doors using time-honored joinery and construction techniques. While the beauty and authenticity of our standard products is something in which we take great pride, we are also strong proponents of restoring old wooden windows whenever possible. Retaining the original components of historic homes and buildings preserves the look and feel and maintains a tangible connection to the past. Sometimes, however, wooden windows are beyond salvation — and that’s where we come in. Rather than replacing the old wooden windows with vinyl or aluminum, NWDS can create new, solid wood windows that match their predecessors almost exactly, while also providing superior energy efficiency. By replacing your windows, you not only preserve the historic look of your building or home, but you can also gain the energy savings that new windows provide. Advanced weatherstripping and glass coatings, in addition to incredibly precise tolerances, create a much more energy efficient window than previous versions.
Adams Architectural
Millwork Co.

(Historical Millwork)
2225 Kerper Blvd.
Dubuque, IA 52001
Adams Architectural Millwork Co.
Adams Architectural Millwork Co.

Adams Architectural Millwork Co. is a renowned historical millwork company. We are dedicated to service, quality and craftsmanship, and specialize in historical millwork projects. Adams Architectural Millwork Co. offers storm windows, screens, sash, window units and doors. Our custom capabilities allow us to replicate virtually any shape or style of wood window or door. We combine old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail to create a truly authentic product that adds beauty and value to any home or business. Architects, designers, contractors and homeowners who want the finest quality windows and doors for custom residential and historic renovation projects rely on Adams Architectural Millwork Co. wood products.
Olek Lejbzon Co.
425 Ferry Street
Newark, NJ, 07105
Olek Lejbzon Co.
Olek Lejbzon Co.

Olek Lejbzon Co.'s core business is restoration and fabrication, serving New York City since 1950, and now the rest of the United States. The principal media we work with are wood, modern and traditional furniture, woodwork fabrication, windows and doors, decorative finishes and ornamental metals. Olek creates and restores spectacular doors for Landmark and National Register buildings and residences and offers the finest restoration or replication of historic hinges, door knobs, levers or pulls, door cremone and flush bolts, finials, locksets, window sash locks and pulleys, plumbing hardware, and ornamental architectural metal castings. Olek also accepts sculptural commissions, executing the designs of others, or creating original designs. We can execute carving work in the "hand" matching the carving style of any sculptor or carver including the most sophisticated and intricate of 17th or 18th century work.
Gold Coast
Metal Works, Inc.

(Architectural Metalwork)
118 Bay Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743
Gold Coast Metal Works, Inc.
Gold Coast Metal Works, Inc.

Connoisseurs around the world are driving a renewed demand for luxurious custom metalwork. Lyrical in design, handcrafted railings, balustrades and gates serve as the jewelry of a house, belying their intrinsic strength and ultimate functionality. At Gold Coast Metal Works' atelier, highly skilled blacksmiths rely on time-honored techniques to forge hot metal - most commonly steel, but also bronze and wrought iron - and use anvils, hammers and chisels to create meticulous flowers and leaves, sinuous curves and decorative rosettes. Each finished piece is a unique and original work and will look beautiful for centuries. At Gold Coast Metal Works, a team of expertly trained artisans works on each commission. From engineers and draftsmen, to blacksmiths and finishers. With headquarters on the North Shore of New York's Long Island, the company easily works anywhere in the world.
(Historic Window Replicas)
1235 Saline Street
N. Kansas City, MO

Re-View is a full service historic window company that specializes in everything associated with the window opening, including historic wood window manufacturing, wood window restoration, steel window restoration, lead paint abatement, window installation, window finishing, hardware restoration, and insulated glass conversion. We have numerous years of experience and our portfolio of historic revitalization projects is significant – it spans across the United States. Please note that Re-View only performs restoration on commercial properties.
Leska LLC
(Roof Restoration)
4330 Linthicum Road Dayton, MD 21036 240.505.6652
Leska, LLC
Leska, LLC

Leska LLC provides European quality building preservation and restoration services, with a specialized focus on traditional roofing. Owner, Martin Leska is one of handful "certified trainers" in the U.S. for the Tile Roofing Institute, whose mission is to educate and train other roofers about proper tile roof installation. Leska LLC uses an Old World philosophy on each project which addresses an understanding of the interconnection of all trades. This skill is essential to Leska in order to properly work on any project. Originally from the Czech Republic, Martin Leska was introduced to his father’s business of roofing, remodeling, and restoration. Martin attended a four year apprenticeship trade school called SOU Technicka in Frydlant Nad Ostravici. It was here where he learned more about the roofing and construction industry. During his 4 year apprenticeship, he gained multiple skills, including interpreting and drawing technical specifications and the basic requirements of structural engineering. Martin now lives near Clarksville, Maryland, bringing Old-World skills and quality craftsmanship to his clients.
Church Restoration Group
(Historic &Sacred Spaces)
9189 Marshall Road
Cranberry Township, PA
Church Restoration Group
Church Restoration Group

Old world building traditions are alive at Church Restoration Group. We offer restoration and construction services for sacred and historic sites across the country. From small country churches to large historic cathedrals, our portfolio of projects demonstrates our commitment to restoration excellence. Church Restoration Group approaches every project with reverence, respect and a passion for craftsmanship. Church Restoration Group prides itself as a nationally known general contractor. It's the total understanding of the big picture and how to organize the craftsmen, equipment, materials, and timeline that has satisfied church representatives, building owners and managers, and insurance carriers for more than 50 years. Church Restoration Group has performed restoration on more than 500 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places since its founding in the early 1990s. Of note is the full restoration of Miami's Trinity Episcopal Cathedral after Hurricane Wilma and the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel in Annapolis Maryland.
Historic House Guy
(Preservation Contractor)
PO Box 584
Coventry, CT 06238
Historic House Guy
Historic House Guy

Welcome to Historic House Guy! Stephen Marshall, "The Historic House Guy" has been professionally involved in the restoration business since 1975. Having worked with his father for years on many historic buildings he gained experience in many facets of the trade. Skills such as timber framing, plastering, custom millwork, masonry, epoxy consolidation and general carpentry have taken him from the bottom of a well to the top of a steeple and everywhere in between for repairs. Based in Coventry, Connecticut, Mr. Marshall has worked on numerous landmarks as well as private residences across the state. Historic House Guy's capabilities include preservation carpentry, plaster repair, timber frame stabilization, restoration millwork, paint analysis and more.
Historic Floor Company
(Period Floors)
257 Lamp & Lantern Vlg.
Town & Country, MO
Historic™ Floor Company
Historic™ Floor Company

Historic™ Floor Company is dedicated to producing wide plank luxury hardwood flooring and commercial grade floor finishes for customers searching for unique flooring solutions. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Historic™ Floor has earned a reputation as a provider of designer wood flooring, catering to discriminating consumers who desire custom, real wood floors that add warmth to their home or business. Since crafting our very first floor, it has been Historic™ Floor's mission to replicate the natural wood flooring found in the great plantations, public buildings, farmhouses and city homes of our ancestors. We offer a wide range of products, including wide plank wood floors that are antique, reclaimed, salvaged as well as newly harvested materials. We are committed to crafting extra-long, premium plank hardwood floors that are distinguished by their textured surface and physical appearance. A hardwood floor from Historic™ Floor creates a warm atmosphere unmatched by over-the-counter alternatives. Our materials are free of any formaldehyde products and are ecologically safe.
(Architectural Products)
1012 S. Creek View Ct.
Churchton, MD 20733

Beaux-Artes manufactures historic reproduction grilles made to replace unattractive louvered grilles, registers, vent covers, air return grilles, air return vent covers, and filter grilles found in forced air HVAC systems, as well as decorative covers for in the wall or ceiling speakers, foundation vents, radiator covers and T-Bar ceiling grilles. We are the originators of decorative trims for recessed lights. Our Decorative Recessed Light Trims replace the plastic ring that sits on the ceiling. We offer sizes to fit all major brands of recessed lighting canisters. Another unique addition to our replacement trims for recessed lights are crystal embellishments. Not only can you choose from over 20 finishes for your decorative trim, we also offer several crystal sizes, styles and colors to create a custom recessed light for your home. Additionally, we offer unique Wall Panels which can be used on walls and ceilings. All our products are cast from historic ornamentation and manufactured by us in the USA.
Putnam Rolling
Ladder Company, Inc.

(Custom Rolling Ladders)
32 Howard Street New York, NY 10013 212.226.5147
Putnam Rolling Ladder Company, Inc.
Putnam Rolling Ladder Company, Inc.

Putnam Rolling Ladder Company, Inc. manufactures custom rolling ladders for libraries, commercial, and residential use. Our famous No.1 Rolling Ladder is a beautiful addition to any home or business: it endures the rigors of industry yet has the grace and beauty of fine furniture. The No. 1 Rolling Ladder is made of best grade red oak or choice of other hard wood. Steps are screwed to rails, not nailed, and rods are placed under each step, for greater strength. In lieu of a clear finish, the ladder can be finished in various popular wood shades, as desired, You may choose from any of the Minwax interior wood finishes, or, if you prefer to finish the ladder yourself, unfinished is also available. The top slide feature, available in either roll type (No. 210) or hook slide, (No. 230) permits the rolling ladder to be pulled out for use or pushed back against shelves to conserve space. The roll type top fixture (No. 210) is for a ladder permanently attached to the track. The hook slide top fixture (No. 230) is used when a ladder needs to be removed from one section of track to another.
Hardware of the Past
(Reproduction Hardware)
405 N Main Street
Saint Charles, MO 63301
Hardware of the Past
Hardware of the Past

Welcome to Hardware of the Past for the present and the future. We offer an extensive line of antique reproduction hardware and refinishing supplies for the restoration of antique furniture. We can also help you restore Hoosier cabinets, trunks, and wicker. Missing a brass drawer pull on your grandmother’s dresser? Check out our selections in the Furniture Hardware Department. Need a flour bin for that great Hoosier cabinet you found at the local thrift store? Go to our Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Department. Want to restore your world traveling great aunt’s antique steamer trunk to its original glory? Book on over to our Trunk Hardware Department. Did you throw a party and the next morning find scratches on your favorite accent table? Click on Scratch Removers in our Restoration Aids Department. Does that old kitchen table need a new surface? Our Wood Department has natural wood veneers for any surface. Visit our website for much, much more!
James & Company
(Antique Timbers/Flooring)
482 County Road 209 Collinsville, AL 35961 256.997.0703
James & Company
James & Company

At James & Company, we don't have to GO green, we've always been green! We take great pride in the recycling and reuse of these virgin cut woods from our great-grandfathers' time. Some of the wood we sell dates back to the mid 1700's and was 400+ years old when it was felled. There is no comparison between these woods and the new cut fast-growth woods of today. Unmatched beauty and patina are only a couple of the attributes that go with reclaimed antique wood. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality recycled woods available. Specialists in antique wood, reclaimed wood, wood flooring, Heart Pine and Douglas Fir. From ceilings with reclaimed rough sawn timbers, to antique hand hewn timbers, to walls with some cypress or antique oak paneling, to floors with antique heart pine flooring or wormy chestnut, we've got you covered - and will leave you proud of your decision and your visitors envious of the unique beauty! In honor of our Earth and her gifts, and in respect for our future generations, we hope you try reclaimed woods for your projects.
Tremont Nail
(Authentic Steel Cut Nails)
457 School Street
Mansfield, MA 02048
Tremont Nail
Tremont Nail

As America's oldest nail manufacturer, Tremont Nail is in a position to offer the older patterns of cut nails appropriate to the period of restoration being undertaken. In addition to a variety of styles of nails, Tremont Nail can provide information to help the restorer in determining the authenticity of a project. Cut nails possess great durability. They are hard to pull out because the shape causes the wood fibers to push downward and wedge against the nails, thus greatly stengthening their holding power. Once you have used them, you will prefer them for all sorts of applications. For almost 200 years, Tremont Nail has achieved a reputation for skilled nail cutting that has made its product readily saleable throughout the markets of the world. Through all the changes and the hurried pace of modern industry the same product is still being produced for customers who prefer the superior holding power and durability of this time-tested nail.
Traditional Builders, Inc.
(Restoration Craftsmen)
1346 Black Walnut Court Annapolis, MD 21403 410.991.1834
Traditional Builders, Inc.
Traditional Builders, Inc.

Traditional Builders, comprised of restoration craftsmen dedicated to the preservation of our historic architecture. We offer the knowledge and experience to reproduce and repair the elements that compose this architectural legacy. From the common barn to the plantation manor we have the expertise to preserve or reproduce the structure in its entirety. In addition, we take pride in merging traditional design elements seamlessly with the conveniences of modern living. This includes harmonious additions to existing buildings or the construction of the "new-old" home. With Traditional Builders, Inc., you will discover the unique and relaxed sense of place that can only be found in old homes. You will experience a sense of comfort as the structure's time worn surfaces avail themselves to you. To us, this speaks of an enduring legacy to which you become a part.
Williamsburg Blacksmiths
(Reproduction Hardware)
26 Williams Street
Williamsburg, MA 01096
Williamsburg Blacksmiths
Williamsburg Blacksmiths

Williamsburg Blacksmiths have forged reproductions of early American wrought iron hardware in Williamsburg for three generations. For those who appreciate authentic reproductions, simple colonial designs and traditional early American wrought iron, visit our store to see the door, cabinet and shutter hardware made by our blacksmiths today in the renovated forge of the original smithies. Williamsburg Blacksmiths make a full line of restoration hardware (door handles, door hinges, locks, door knockers, cabinet hinges, latches, cabinet and drawer pulls, shutter hardware, bath and kitchen accessories). We also offer custom finishes (hammered, beeswax and rust brown) and custom work. In the spirit of cooperation, we are delighted to display a collection of fire tools, exterior and interior lights, weather vanes and home accessories for your home crafted by other talented metalsmiths.
Howe Ave. / The Hedges
Newport, RI 02840
New England Architectural Center
New England Architectural Center

The New England Architectural Center is the largest supplier of reclaimed bluestone sidewalk and curbing material in the United States. The rarest and most desirable reclaimed bluestone was quarried in the 1800's in New York State. We at NEAC scour the New York countryside searching and harvesting hand-cut and hand-quarried bluestone from this period. Our reclaimed vintage bluestone products are not only the best but the most beautiful! The chisel marks, hand feathered edges and time worn surfaces are impossible to replicate at any price. We have been fortunate in locating bluestone from 2 ft. wide up to 12 ft. wide, with lengths running 2 ft. long to 10 ft. long. The most common sizes being 4 ft. & 5 ft. pieces from 19th century sidewalks. Our bluestone curbing also offers the same hand-carved beauty and one-of-a-kind uniqueness. The New England Architectural Center will deliver your bluestone to you anywhere in the United States. Contact us today to hear about the history and desirability of our stone! Start creating the most beautiful patios, walkways, and historic recreations, and take a piece of history with you today.
The Real Milk Paint Co.
(Authentic Milk Paint)
123 Commerce Drive
Hohenwald, TN 38462
Real Milk Paint Co.
Real Milk Paint Co.

Milk paint is an environmentally friendly paint that is ideal for antique furniture, decks, floors and walls. You can mix milk paint with pigment powders to create just about any color you can imagine. The Real Milk Paint Co.'s exclusive formula makes Real Milk Paint longer lasting than other milk paint products. After being mixed, Real Milk Paint remains usable for at least two weeks, compared to a day, which is typical of most milk paints. Real Milk Paint is the ideal choice for an environmentally friendly, non toxic paint that gives you convenience and a broad color selection. The Real Milk Paint Company does not stop there. We also offer milk paint remover, crackle, tung oil, Citrus Solvent (a natural replacement for mineral spirits and paint thinner) and a host of other earth friendly products.
Reclaimed Lumber

(Reclaimed Wood Prod.)
22701 S Peculiar Drive
Peculiar, MO 64078
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber
Elmwood Reclaimed Timber

At Elmwood Reclaimed Timber we have a deep respect for the creations of nature, as well as for those passionate craftsmen who, generations ago, carefully wrought classic materials from nature’s offerings. So, our production process is slow and intimate compared to the warp speed and detachment with which many building materials are made today. The wood has waited for us; the least we can do is treat it right. Again. Wood from old-growth forests is more compact, more solid than new lumber. All of our lumber is superior quality, first-growth cutting, and it’s reclaimed from old barns and buildings. We’re way behind the times when it comes to cutting wood. Or corners. Reclaimed building supplies take extra effort to procure and process. We always go the distance when it comes to quality materials and workmanship.
Building Heritage
(Preservation Contractor)
240 Cummings Drive
Huntington, VT 05462
Building Heritage
Building Heritage

Building Heritage combines the finest craftsmanship in traditional trades with advanced knowledge of historic preservation ethics and rules. We are Vermont based and work on all types of structures: houses, barns, churches, town halls, mills, and schoolhouses, as well as all types of outbuildings. We specialize in stabilization and repair of timber framed buildings, especially barns. We also design and build new timber frame structures. From the beginning of your project to its completion, Building Heritage can help. We offer general consultation as well as condition assessments, building histories, and grant writing. When it's time for construction, we'll be there for demolition, jacking, structural repairs, general carpentry, masonry, and finish carpentry. We can help you take steps to bring back your building from the brink of collapse, no matter what your budget may be.
26 North Leverett Road
Montague, MA 01351
Architectural Components Inc.
Architectural Components Inc.

For more than 30 years Architectural Components Inc. has specialized in building reproduction and custom wood windows, sash, doors, doorways, and architectural woodwork for hundreds of residential, commercial and institutional restoration and reproduction projects throughout the Northeast and Mid Atlantic. In addition to museum-quality reproductions, we also make energy-efficient true divided-light windows with insulated glass and muntins as narrow as 7/8-inch. Blending traditional detailing and joinery with modern technology, our 18th, 19th and early 20th century windows, doors and doorways have been approved by numerous historic commissions.
(Shutters & Blinds)
PO Box 322
Avondale Estates, GA

For half a century DeVenco has manufactured the finest quality wooden blinds and operable shutters for interior designers, architects, consultants and conservators. AMERICANA now offers the consumer the entire DeVenco line of high quality custom manufactured window coverings at affordable prices. For over 50 years we have studied 18th and 19th Century design wooden blinds with an eye toward reproducing this original product. AMERICANA offers high quality, custom manufactured wooden blinds and operable shutters, authentically reproduced and handcrafted to the highest standards. From our factory to your home in 4 to 8 weeks. Painted, stained or natural finish to match your specific color. Ready to install, no assembly required. AMERICANA provides real customer service, no telephone menus, no voice mail.
St. Cloud Window, Inc.
(Replication Windows)
390 Industrial Blvd.
Sauk Rapids, MN 56379
St. Cloud Window, Inc.
St. Cloud Window, Inc.

From acoustical applications and historic replication, to wind, rain and impact resistance, St. Cloud Window, Inc. specializes in challenging, multi-faceted projects. Our focused expertise allows us the flexibility to successfully undertake complex, specialized projects regardless of size. Whether it's just a few windows or a towering highrise, we can bring your vision to life. St. Cloud Window's emergence as an industry leader can be traced to our unswerving commitment to quality. This key principle has guided every aspect of our operations since 1952, from research and development, to production and customer service. But the greatest evidence of this commitment is reflected in the St. Cloud Window projects themselves, in thousands of buildings across the nation. Every one is a testament to innovation, performance and value -- as well as satisfied customers.
263 Lane Road
New Sharon, ME 04955
Western Maine Screen Doors Co.
Western Maine Screen Doors Co.

The Western Maine Screen Doors Company is a family run business located in the foothills of the western Maine mountains. For over 25 years now, the Western Maine Screen Doors Company has been making custom mahogany screen doors. We will work with you or your contractor, step by step, to assure that you get exactly the door or screen panels for your porch that you want and expect. We can interchange any design features of our doors to fit the look you are looking for. We can also work with you to design one of your very own! Recently here at the Western Maine Screen Doors Company, we have expanded our line of products to include shutters, rosettes and plinth blocks, custom moldings, and other custom order products. We expect you to be happy and proud that you have purchased one of our products!
Illingworth Millwork
(Custom Millwork)
8-10 Wardwell St.
Adams, NY. 13605
Illingworth Millwork
Illingworth Millwork

Illingworth Millwork's custom mill shop produces architectural, historical, and traditional millwork with over 5000 knives dating back to 1892 to match existing profiles on windows, doors and moldings. We custom build historic reproduction wood windows, storms and screens as well as wood doors and moldings. Our products are handcrafted using mortise and tenon joint construction, the same way our forefathers did a century ago. Our focus is on restoring old traditional houses and historical buildings and meeting our customer's needs. We work with architects, builders, designers, contractors and homeowners. At Illingworth Millwork, no job is too small or too big for our custom mill shop. We take great pride in carrying on centuries old craftsmanship in modern living.
Lyons Historic Window
(Window Restoration)
5360 Washington St. # C
Denver, CO 80216
Lyons Historic Window
Lyons Historic Window

We at Lyons Historic Window are proud to partake in the renaissance of traditional craftsmanship. Our team of master carpenters and wood restoration specialists has been providing window solutions for historic buildings all over the Rocky Mountain region. Our expertise encompasses restoring vintage wood windows as well as crafting new custom windows using traditional designs. We accept projects large and small, residential or commercial. We specialize in windows, but also offer a comprehensive approach to whole-building performance and appearance. Turn-of-the-century wood windows are often the best money can buy and we provide a wide range of modern solutions to help preserve your vintage windows as well. Our success is marked by our attention to detail and our ability to provide a turn-key service that includes planning, installation, and maintenance.
King's Chandelier Co.
(Period Lighting)
729 S. Van Buren Road
Eden, NC 27288
King's Chandelier Co.
King's Chandelier Co.

When you order from King's Chandelier Co.,each piece of your crystal chandelier or sconce is hand picked, inspected, and matched by our dedicated craftsman. Your fixture is built just for you and shipped to your door. If any breakage occurs during shipping, will replace the broken component pieces with no cost to you. Whether you are searching for a large, Swarovski crystal chandelier or a small, more traditional sconce, our chandelier experts are just a phone call away. We can offer advice on size and style or guide you in customization details. If you have a special request regarding ceiling mounts or shipping, just call us! Most importantly, after you receive your purchase, we are happy to talk to you about installation or maintenance - even 20 years from now.
St. Louis Antique
Lighting Co.

(Historic Lighting)
801 North Skinker
St. Louis, MO 63130
St. Louis Antique Lighting Co.
St. Louis Antique Lighting Co.

St. Louis Antique Lighting Company began in 1973 as a residential lighting company, specializing in the sales and restoration of period lighting. It quickly expanded into the commercial side of the lighting business, restoring and replicating historic fixtures and custom manufacturing new designs for architects, lighting designers and contractors. With 30 employees in a 16,000 square foot factory, it has a modern metal fabrication shop capable of manufacturing nearly anything in metal. With its work at the U.S. Capitol, 13 State Capitols, 31 Federal Courthouses, numerous churches, universities and other important historic buildings, St. Louis Antique Lighting Company has achieved an international reputation for manufacturing high quality custom lighting.



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